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So can anyone who downloaded the Nanae/Natsuki vs. Hyuga/Haruyama tag from SUN upload that for me? Veoh seems to hate me so I can't.

well since this thread is here I mayas well make use of it. Would anyone happen to have the Eagle Sawai retirement match that they could upload? I remember one match from that show being uploaded before, so I'm hoping that means someone has the whole show and can upload that match.

 *Oni* I want to watch Jd's match between 2004-2005, especially Yumi Ohka 's match... *Oni* test2

Thanks..  *approve

Oni has an Okha match against Haruka on Veoh. lucky also has a tag with her on his veoh.

On the hunt for the Crush girls theme know the one that RM used at the beginning and end of that concert...yeah, that one.

Can someone hook an Oni up? *robot


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