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Marvel Girl Pro Wrestling ( Joshi Fiction)
« on: October 08, 2007, 04:38:11 AM »
Presss Conference

       Rockie Takako announced that she should return to Joshi  after  she retired for responding her pregnant with Brian Wallet, Canadian wrestler, in 2002. She stated, she should open the female pro wrestling promotion, under entitle, Marvel Girl Pro Wrestling ( MGPW ), on Sep,1st,2007. This show should debut  new 10 rookies while it praticipated with other promotions and vaterans,too. All girls should be trained by her and her husband. The first show should appear at  her own exhibition hall , Wallet Exciting Exhibition Hall in , vanue 300 audiences.


1. Rockie Takako

Real name: Takako ( Honda ) Wallet

Born: 11/10/1976 

Birthplace: Yokohama, Japan

Debut: 5/10/1992

Champion Title:

- TWA Women’s Champion ( 3 times )
- All Japan Women’s Champion
- TWA Women’s Tag Team Champion ( 8 times )
- All Asia/Pacific Champion ( 2 times )
- North America Women’s Champion


       Rockie Takako debuted in her real name, Takako Honda, in 1992 before she was sent to train in  Mexico and USA  in the same year. She was a quick improving and got  North America Women’s Champion in Canada in 1994. In 1995, She returned to japan in the name, Rockie  Takako same her favorite film, Rockie,. In 2002, she annaunced that she was retired for responding her pregnant with her boyfreind, Brain Wallet; Canadian ‘s World champion pro wrestler,.

2. Mickey Fujii

Real name: Miki Fujita

Born:  13/03/1987

Birthplace: Tokyo,Japan

Height/Weight: 172cm/67kg

3. Nana

Real Name: Nanako Matsuura

Born: 28/01/1988

Birthplace: Osaka , japan

Height/Weight: 167cm/56 kg

4. Naomi

Real Name: Naomi Itou

Born 14/02/1991

Birthplace: Kanagawa, japan

Height/Weight: 163 cm/ 53 kg.

5. Ami Asekawa

Born: 15 /12/1989

Birthplace: Hyugo,Japan

Height/Weight: 158cm/53 kg.

6. Sayaka Yamamoto

Born: 14/1/1992

Birthplace: Kanagawa,Japan

Height/Weight: 166cm/52 kg

7. Mai Hinoi

Born: 12/12/1983

Birthplace: Sapporo, Japan 

Height/Weight: 161cm/58kg.

8. Haruka Hirosue

Born: 8/11/1982

Birthplace:  Fukuoka , Japan

Height/Weight: 165cm/ 52 kg

9. Aliyah

Real Name:  Erika Honda

Born: 15/6/1980

Birthplace: Nagoya, Japan

Height/Weight:  169cm/ 60 kg.

10. Mami Tanaka

Born: 5/05/1994

Birthplace: Okinawa,Japan

Height/Weight: 147cm/35 kg.



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Re: Marvel Girl Pro Wrestling ( Joshi Fiction)
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2007, 04:58:17 AM »

Marvel Girl Pro Wrestling---Welcome To Fantastic Girls
Place: Wallet Exciting Exhibition Hall Venue: 300 seats[/b][/b]

1.   Opening Match: Mami Tanaka vs. Haruka Hirosue
2.   2nd Impression: Mai Hinoi vs. Ami Asekawa
3.   3rd Impression:   Sayaka Yamamoto vs. Nana
4.   Quarter Impression: Haruka Hirosue vs Naomi
5.   Rockie Takako Re-Start Celebration:   Rockie Takako & Aliyah vs. Mikie Fujii vs Kana ( Free ) &  Fuuka ( Free )
6.   Marvel Girl Super Battle Royal: All Marvel Girl Members.