Author Topic: What percentage of the human genome is for sexual differences  (Read 242 times)

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What percentage of the human genome is for sexual differences
« on: January 14, 2019, 05:01:00 AM »

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»In Iran, an application breaks the sexual taboos
 Since the dismissal of Iran's last Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in 1979, the life of the Iranians has been deeply disrupted by its new leaders and the repression they impose on them. The fundamentalist policy pursued in recent decades notably proscribes all sexual education within schools. The young Iranians are therefore deprived of knowledge that their grandparents had easy access to.    It is in this context that an Iranian activist who has taken up residence in France, Soudeh Rad, decided to create Hamdam (companion in Persian), an app that accompanies young Iranians in learning and discovering their bodies. 
 The application, which has already been downloaded more than 18,000 times in 2 months, aims to inform young people, especially young Iranian women, about their sexual health, how their bodies work, but also about rights they have as women.    They can use Hamdam to calculate their menstrual cycle and avoid unwanted pregnancies, learn about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or learn how to detect them. warning symptoms of breast cancer. 
© instagram Soudeh Rah
 The application, available on Android, also wants to help women victims of violence by exposing their rights. An emergency button is also available to put them in contact with an emergency hotline in case of marital rape.
In a country where only 25% of people say they have enough information about their sex life, Hamdam deserves to be a "companion" for the younger generation. 
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by Anais Monk