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anal butt plug
ğMaking love in a tester: would you dare?
Go shopping with your partner can have the most torrid of incentives possible ... And if you do in a tester?

Why should we be attracted to the idea of the tester so many people? Is it perhaps because it unites two of our passions, sex and shopping? The tester is a narrow, intimate and warm place that keeps you hidden from the rest of the world, but at the same time you are surrounded by people and there is always a small slit in the tester where you could be seen. You hear them but they do not see you ... Or at least it's complicated that they do. So ... do you think it's an experience made for you?
In addition, it is one of the few places, removing our house, in which we undress. And it is that to ask what you have left one or another to your partner while you undress, has a point of the most exciting, do not you think?
The advantages of practicing sex in a fitting room
The adrenaline of that delicious moment will make the passage through the box less painful.
Something more to add to your sexual grasp: a unique and very original experience that your friends will envy and your partner will remember all their lives.
You can already be happy because your partner runs the risk of becoming a shopping addict.
You will try, sure, new positions, like some of these that we recommend you go scoring ...
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 The curious case of Benjamin Button
The drawbacks of having sex in a fitting room
One of them may be the damn neons that reveal the small defects (redness, black spots, orange peel ...) that at home we can camouflage thanks to the dim light, although of course, there are thousands of different testers, it is also in you to discover the more appropriate.
Some customer or dependent can open the tester unintentionally or even take a look at the excess noise. It does not usually happen, but to avoid it, look better for a tester with doors, that the curtains are very treacherous.
The narrowness of the place limits the movements a lot. If you are lucky, you will find more spacious rooms with a small chair and table. In that case leave freeway to the imagination.
Maybe you're not ready for this kind of experience so, let's say, facing the public. Before exposing yourself so much, try other experiences outside the home, such as making love in the car.
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Ideas to make the experience more erotic
In a lingerie store: with all the sets at your fingertips you can make a small parade exclusively for your partner. It is also the time to buy outfits that you would never buy alone or expensive pieces. That you see how good you are!
One Saturday afternoon, in full sales: the store is to burst, the tail of the box is endless, take advantage of the tumult and make your way to the testers. The good side: the saleswomen will be too busy to "worry" about you. And the hullabaloo of the environment camouflaged all your noises.
In a store for men:? And if it is he who, when undressing, provokes in you a great excitement? There is nothing sexier than your partner's naked body while changing. Why do not you invert the papers? To wear a street dress, with a suit ...
And you, would you dare to try this fantasy?
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