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Building Your Own Spy Sunglasses
« on: October 30, 2018, 07:12:41 PM »
Building Your Own Spy Sunglasses

Although you are not a skilled person, you can convert your ordinary looking sunglasses into spy sunglasses! Moreover all at an affordable rate, with least exertion and knowledge and with the help of some basic tools and pieces. These include black sunglasses, if possible the kind that envelops your eyes and can hold a mini camera in its body. The darker these sunglasses, the better it is to hide these mini camera.

You can get this mini camera from the many online spy shops now operating on the internet. Preferably, buy a spy mini camera that is capable of recording color images and audio/video -recordings. Thus, you will have good quality audio and video footages. You should as well seek a DVR for recording the audio/video footages. Choose a device that fits easily into your shirt pocket. You as well have to purchase 24-gauge black wire to complete the circuit and as well buy a 9-volt battery to power the entire set up.

There are a few tools required for this kind of endeavor these include, wire snips for cutting wires, soldering gun, solder and Women Sunglasses soldering wax to solder wires, heat shrink tubing to shield the wire links, and a warm glue gun to fix the spy mini camera to the sunglasses. By having all these and some persistence, you can certainly put together your very own handmade hidden spy camera. To begin with, cut and separate the four small wiring from the single large wire in the mini camera, then trim the uncovered wires on the spy camera to just about two to three inches from the camera. These four wires are meant for power, audio, video, and ground; these should then be joined into three connectors, power, audio and video, while the ground wire is joined to all three.

Cut the black wire into four pieces of about four to five feet. Next solder these wires with the help of the soldering gun to the uncovered mini spy camera wires. Then, you need to put in heat shrink tubing to shield the fresh wire links. Next you need to carry out finishing touches on your ready to use hidden spy camera by soldering the other wire ends to the suitable connector ends and apply more shrink tubing as required to create a completely black wire that will mix with your dark black sunglasses. Later than cleaning the sunglasses, you can next install your tailored mini spy camera on the sunglassesí sidearm with which you more comfortable.

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After that, you need to hook up the audio/video wires of the mini spy camera to the DVR and connect the 9 volt battery to power the whole set up and you are all set. Simply conceal the wires in your shirt and place the DVR and battery pack into your trouserís pocket. You can at this moment enjoy capturing audio/video recordings with your handmade spy Mens Sunglasses! Envisage the infinite potential of this device. However, be careful with the local laws and beliefs that can be distinct to your own. And if you think you cannot take on this endeavor there is always a choice to buy one directly from the spy shop near you or from the online spy shop.