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Her Majesty Queen Kori I:
Max or I will smooth it out a bit over the next weeks.  But for now, here we are.

King of Joshi:
I'm having a hard time sorting out this wiki software. How do you make a Template page like in MediaWiki? Luchawiki uses mediawiki and has it so that every time you create a page for, say, a wrestler or a promotion certain items always show up organized in a certain way for uniformity and simplicity. I'm having a hard time figuring out if you can do that on this one.

Sabrina the Teenage Cracker:
Lol, I knew AKINO would already be in the database lol

General HENkada:

--- Quote from: Tyrannosaurus ELPS on May 03, 2008, 04:12:33 PM ---Lol, I knew AKINO would already be in the database lol
--- End quote ---
Kori must have added her recently. That was my first search moments after Kori posted the link.

Sabrina the Teenage Cracker:
How do I make a new page on it?


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