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Her Majesty Queen Kori I:
To any of you interested in ordering wrestling to watch, this will be the thread with all the info.  Any match trading should be done via pm and will be at the parties' own risk.  Joshifans will not be responsible should said parties find themselves in copyright doodoo.  We'll add to the list as we find more venues.

Chickfight TV

SHIMMER Women Athletes






I'll have their emails listed shortly.

General HENkada:
What is the most current contact information anyone has for Jeff Lynch? ...and PUNQ too, I guess, though I know a contact there.

PUNQ's site has all the info you need

Jeff Lynch's email addy: jlynch779 AT

Personally i'd also recommend GB Brutal and DGinnetty at crazymax

And don't forget that Ibuki now sells region free DVDs from their Myspace page

I think non-residents of Japan can also order IBUKI through this page? also has a number of Joshi DVDs
So do and e.g. All Star Dreamslam  *approve


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