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Nihon Bishojo Puroresu ( NBP )
« on: March 03, 2008, 03:49:49 AM »

Nihon Bishojo Puroresu is funded by Mr. Boyd, Promoter, for arising  joshipuro marketing. The promotion offers top Joshi idols in the promotion and coordinates with other promotions inculding gaijin’s promotions . Mr Boyd expects to run every matches in Korakuen Hall and have titles. He invited former wrestlers, Sakura Hirota, to be a ring announcer and entertains audience on the ring.


Yumi Ohka

          After She had the top form in Jdstar and was a full time player in Wave. After the contact expired,  Yumi Ohka decides  to sign with NBP. Her speed and technique is the main point to push her successful. This year, Ohka stated, “ She gonna proved that she was top and dangerous wrestler.”


       Fuuka is considered to be the most famous idol wrestler. She is very improving and  is the AWA Women’s Champion. After Mr. Boyd introduced his promotion for her, she is intersting and doesn’t hesitate to join here with her former promotion mates such as Yumi Ohka and Shu Shibatani. However, she has runned her own event, Fuuka Matsuri, going on.

Misaki Ohata

         Ohata  worked in Jdstar besiding Fuuka and Shibatani before, After Jdstar closed, she joined in Ibuki which was trained by Mariko Yoshida. She recently decided to join in NBP after she known that Fuuka joined here. She is a next generation. 

Aoi Kizuki

         Aoi-chan is a cute and funny wreslter. She always wrestles in active style. Kizuki graduated from Ice Ribbon this year. She decided to be a full time player in NBP for her next step. Now, She is practicing her new finisher,here.

Moeko Haruhi

        Haruhi is idol and pro wrestler, She trained in  Gatou Kuniyang with Emi Sakura. Last year, she stopped her wrestling for focusing on her children TV program. She returns this year under supporting and trainning from  Toshie Uematsu. She readies to show the world that she can wreste on the ring.

Shu Shibatani

        After the trainning  in Mexico, Shibatani came back to Japan and uses all technique which she learned to play on the ring. She signs the contact with NBP following her close friends, Yumi Ohka and Fuuka.Now, She forms the team with Mima Shimoda under the name, “ Les  Japonés Hermoso”.



        Kana returned last Novemeber wth Sun Pro Wrestling, her first reutrn match very impressive. Kana is one in strong japanese wrestlers. She moves and finished by hip bump. Kana is not only a wrestler in NBP, she is a web designer of the promotion,too.



        Franciose was a wrestler in LLPW before she joins in NBP. Her body and experince make her  llook very weak. This year, Franciose decides to join NBP. She states, “ this year is her year, nobody can stop her”.



        Rei is a fantatic wrestler. Her physical is very good and beautiful. Last year, she rested  in the half season for responding the injury. Now, she is health and readies to make you see her fantastic movement,again.

Mizuho  Ishikawa

         Are u ready to see returing of Mizuho Ishikawa?Ishikawa was a former  famous Jdstar athress before she graduated from here and became a manager in a indies promotion. This year, she annouce to return on the ring,again.


Mima Shimoda

        Shimoda has the most experince in NBP. She got many  various titles and  still is in the shape. Mima is the part of  “ Les  Japonés Hermoso” with Shu Shibatani. She states, “ she will knock all girls in NBP and  will prove that she is a forever idol on the ring.

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Re: Nihon Bishojo Puroresu ( NBP )
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2008, 04:37:53 AM »
Today, Mr. Boyd Announces 2 matches of  Nippon Bishojo Puroresu at  Korakuen hall in NBP office.

The Queen of  Heroine Part I,March 15,2008

1st Impression;Princess of Heroine: Moeko Haruhi vs. Arisa Nakashima ( JWP) ( 15 minutes )

2nd Impression; Mizuho Ishikawa return: Mizuho Ishikawa vs Franciose ( 15 minutes )

3rd Impression; Princess of next Queen: Misaki Ohata vs Aoi Kizuki ( 20 minutes )

4th Impression; Two Generation Heroine Attack: Rey vs Azumi Hyuga ( 20 minutes )

Semi Climax;Kana Offers: Kana vs. Yumiko Hotta ( Freelance ) ( 30 minutes )

Final Impression; Decision the Queen of  Heroine I: Les  Japonés Hermoso ( Mima Shimoda& Shu Shibatani ) vs Star Diva ( Yumi Ohka & Fuuka ) ( 30 minutes )

The Queen of Heroine Part II, March 21,2008

1st Impression; Beauty and The Beat: Moeko Haruhi & Franciose vs Aja Kong ( OZ ) & Toshie Uemasu ( Freelance )
( 15 mintues )

2nd Impression;Athress War: Mizuho Ishokawa vs. Misaki Ohata ( 15 minutes )

3rd Impression; The Gap of Heroine: Arisa Nakashiwa ( JWP ) & Makoto ( Ice Ribbon ) vs. Emi Sakura ( ice Ribbon ) vs. Toshie Uemasu ( Free ) ( 20 minutes )   

4th Impression;  Road to Be the Queen: Aoi Kizuki vs. Rey ( 20 minutes )

Semi Climax; Kana offers: Kana vs. Mika Nishio ( 30 minutes )

Final Impression: Decision the Queen of  Heroine II: Les  Japonés Hermoso ( Mima Shimoda& Shu Shibatani ) vs Star Diva ( Yumi Ohka & Fuuka ) ( 30 minutes )

        Kana, Mima Shimoda appear there .Kana states that " she is very happy about her offering match between Hotta on 15th and Nishio on 21st. 2 guys are her respected in AtoZ, she hope, she will have a good matches with them and beat them in count 3" . After that Shimoda states about her 2 matches that " She thinks, she must  win both matches because Ohka and Fuuka are not good enough for her." She states going on that " If she lost in the tournament, she would retire from Joshi". Ohka comes in the room and says to Shimoda, " Fuuka and her must win 2 matches and give a work hard to Shimoda. They are a new queen, Shimoda is old ". After that Shimoda slaps Ohka and yells that " Ohka and Fuuka will be beated, she shall show her dangrous". Both girls look together. It becomes a war in NBP. 

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Re: Nihon Bishojo Puroresu ( NBP )
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2008, 06:06:32 AM »
NBP: The Queen of  Heroine Part I,March 15,2008 (  1,397 Audiences )

         Sakura Hirota came in the ring with Kiss No Sakai’s costume before  she announced to open the first Show of  Nippon Bishojo Puroresu. Kiss of the World’s music starts  Aoi Kizuki, Yumi Ohka  and Moeko Haruhi ran to the ring, they snag and dance Kiss of The World, together. When it ‘s the end. Sakura said, “ she would form the team with Kizuki, Ohka and Haruhi to be a idol group”. After that Hirota announce the first match.

1st Impression;Princess of Heroine: Arisa Nakashima ( JWP) def. Moeko Haruhi
(  6:02 ) by  Cutie Spacial with pinned.

        Arisa Nakashima  ran to the ring while Haruhi was standing on it. Before the belt rang, Haruhi did the  stromp drop kick to Nakashima and brought her out from the ring. She suplexed Nakashima on the floor. Nakashima came on the ring, the game started,again. Haruhi strived to beat Nakashima but Nakashima could escape before she used the german suplex pin to Haruhi, she could escape but she couldn’t survive when Arisa used the cutie Speacial with pinned to her.   

2nd Impression; Mizuho Ishikawa return: Mizuho Ishikawa def. Franciose
( 14: 55) by Schoolboy.   

          Ishikawa appeared on the ring with the various rainbows of audiences. When the game starting,Franciose ran to drop kick her but she could escape. Ishikawa  start to use head lock and  various lock technique to Franciose but she didn’t  give up. In 10:25,Francios used tornado suplex to Ishikawa and pinned her but Ishikawa was good enough to escape. The time was ending, Ishikawa used  the chance to do the schoolboy to Franciose and could pin before the time up. She walked to Franciose, checked hand and gave the credit to her.

3rd Impression; Princess of next Queen: Misaki Ohata def. Aoi Kizuki ( 12:11 ) by Back drop with pinned.

        Ohata and Kizuki is  a chemiscal wrestler. They shown their improving  on the ring. In the first 5 minutes, 2 girls  tried to pin their oponent before Kizuki could catch Ohata and used a new finisher Kizuki Driver but Ohata could escape. Kizuki dragged Ohata to the left corner before using Central Bomb to her but Ohata could escaped and sued schoolboy to Kizuki. When the game passed in 11:11. Ohata got the aventage, she threw kizuki in the 4 cornners and followed by drop kick before she pinned her. Kizuki could escape and switched to pin ohata. Ohata could escape and could  be out of  Kizuki’s attack. She used Back drop to Kizuki and pinful. After the referee counted 3 . Kizuki surprised and cried on the ring.


4th Impression; Two Generation Heroine Attack: Rey drew Azumi Hyuga ( JWP ) when the time limited

         It’s the first confront between Rey and Hyuga. Rey  got the good welcome from audiences after she rested. When the game started, Ray began attacking Hyuga and threw her out of the ring. She used the Moonsult but Hyuga couldn’t escape and threw Rey to the audiences’ seats. Ray returned to the ring, Hyuga was standing there.They  started the game on the ring again. In 12:20, Rey used the german suplex hold to Hyuga but hyuga could switched to use the tornado german suplex hold to her, Rey could escape it. The time was only 2 minutes left, both tried to pin, Hyuga used the flying knee drop to Rey but she could escape, cough Hyuga to suplex and used Flying Star Press with pinned to her. Hyuga escaped and used Shining Wizard to Rey but it’s near the rope. The last, Hyuga used German suplex hold to Rey, the referee count 1..2…, the belt rang. It’s time up.They drew while Hyuga surprised, she sat on the ring before stated that “ Ray must be a future” before was out from the ring. 

Semi Climax;Kana Offers: Yumiko Hotta  ( Freelance ) Def. Kana ( 9:23 ) with Pyramid Driver.

         Hotta came to the ring with chain on her hand, she started to attack Kana by the chain. The game was controlled by Hotta until 4 minutes, Kana could escape Hotta’s attacked and started to used Kana Bumb. Her attacked was not good enough for attacked Hotta, she kicked Kana’s ass and  punched her on the face. The final, she used the Pyramid Driver to Kana and won the match.

Break- Sakura Hirota Talk Show: Today, Hirota invited Dump Matsumoto to be a guest. She asked Dump that “ why Dump didn’t like a beautiful  wrestler”. It made Dump unhappy and  attacked Hirota by Crossline. Hirota slept on the ring.
Final Impression; Decision the Queen of  Heroine I: Les  Japonés Hermoso ( Mima Shimoda& Shu Shibatani ) def. Star Diva ( Yumi Ohka & Fuuka ) ( 16:33  ) when  Shioda used Axe Kick to Ohka.

        Les Japons Hermoso came on the ring, Shimoda called Ohka to appear on the ring. Ohka promptly ran on the ring and hit Shimoda. Shimoda and Ohka hit on the ring before Shimoda got the advantage and threw Ohka out of the ring. Fuuka came on the ring to kick Shimoda but Shibatani restricted and thew Fuuka out of the ring,too. Shimoda used the Cross Body Pass to Ohka and Fuuka but they could escape. Shibatani came to attack them but Ohka catched her and used the backdrop before threw her to the chair and hit her with the chair. Fuuka threw Shimoda to the chair ,too but she could restrict and threw Fuuka on the chair and attacked her by chairs.

            In 8:34, Fuuka used 619 to Shibatani on the ring,she was on the right corner and jumped to Shibatani. Shimoda came to restrict the counting. Ohka came in and pushed her to the corner. Fuuka started to use her whole kick but Shibatani could restirct and used  Shibatani’s powerbomb to her. In 14.56, Shimoda used Japanese Ocean Suplex  Hold to Fuuka but  she  fliped her body to pin Shimoda. 1..2…Shimoda could escape with surprising face. Fuuka started to attack Shimoda by tonado drop kick and pinned. She couldn’t pin Shimoda and tagged Ohka. Ohka suplexed Shimoda and used Sakura Drop to Shimoda but Shimoda was so strong. She got up and used Fisherman Sulplex to Ohka. Fuuka ran to help Ohka from pinful. Shimoda go up to hit Fuuka and thre whe out from the ring, Shibatani followed fuuka. Ohka got up and used the single leg drop to Shimoda but Shimoda could escape, she ran to the rope and used the axe kick and stepped Ohka to count 3.

        After that match, Ohka stated, “  She would win and would beat Shimoda in count 3”. Shimoda smiled and stated, “  Ohka couldn’t beat her,forever”.   

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Re: Nihon Bishojo Puroresu ( NBP )
« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2008, 10:13:29 AM »
The Queen of Heroine Part II, March 21,2008 @ Korakuen Hall, 1,799 spectators

        Sakura Hirota appeared on the ring with Maid Costume , she called Fuuka out and  challenged  the bum wrestling with her. Hirota lost Fuuka in 0:05 minutes. Fuuka  retained her belt. Hirota annouced the first show

1st Impression; Beauty and The Beat: Aja Kong ( OZ )& Toshie Uemasu ( Freelance )  def. Moeko Haruhi & Franciose ( 4:34 ) when Aja Kong knocked Haruhi by Uraken

         Haruhi and Fransciose came in  the ring, it ‘s the first time which they gonna be the partner. Aja Kong and Uematsu came on the ring. Haruhi and Franciose began attack Aja Kong before the bell ‘s rang. It’s not successful when Aja Kong used her body and strong avantege to attack them. She catched Franciose before suplexd her on the ring. Haruhi came in and hit Aja Kong but Aja Kong took it easy. She hit on Haruhi head and threw Franciose to her. Haruhi got taged from Franciose. She tried to attacked Aja Kong before Aja Kong  gave the Pride Diver and pinned to her but Haruhi could Accept. Aja Kong catched haruhi and used Uraken to her, Haruhi dropped on the ring, Referee came to count her to ten. Aja Kong and Uematsu won.   

2nd Impression;Athress War:Misaki Ohata def. Mizuho Ishikawa ( 8:34 ) by Rolling Cander Pinned

         Ishikawa and Ohata shown their skill in the first 2 minutes, they tried to catch their component to pin. Ohata suplex Ishikawa and jumped on the corner but it’s slow. Ishikawa can follow and suplex her from the 3rd rope. In 8.15, Ohata got the avantage and tried to pin Ishikawa on the floor but she can’t ishika got up and threw Ohata to the rope, Ohata could ran away and used Rolling  Cander and pinned Ishikawa in 3 counts.

3rd Impression; The Gap of Heroine: Arisa Nakashiwa ( JWP ) & Makoto ( Ice Ribbon ) Def.. Emi Sakura ( Ice Ribbon ) vs. Toshie Uemasu ( Free ) ( 14:34 ) when Arisa Nakashima used Cutie Speacial with pinned to Sakura Emi.   

           This match offered the comedian match, Uematsu attcked to Nakashima hardly until makoto came out  to help Nakashima and ran away when  Uematsu stood up. Uematsu  ran follow Makoto, Sakura Emi went out to attack nakashima but she could escape and used the back drop to Emi. In 9:21,  Uematsu ctached Makoto to suplex on the ring,  Nakashima came out to help Makoto and threw Uematsu out. She used the Cross Body Press to Uematsu. Makoto threw Sakura out  but she feared to jumped out and stopped  on the corner. In 13:21, Uematsu tagged Sakura Emi, Sakura ran to used the Flying Croos Line to Nakashima in 4 times and pinned her but Nakashima could escape. She used the german suplex to Sakura Emi. Uematsu came to help her but Makoto restricted her. Nakashima used German Suplex and pinned, 1..2..Uematsu came to help her. Makoto catched Uematsu and dragged to the corner. Nakashima threw Sakura Emi to the rope before she used the Cutie Speacial and pinned Sakura Emi.     

4th Impression;  Road to Be the Queen: Rei def. Aoi Kizuki ( 11:01 ) by Shooting Star Press

           The match was the confrontation between former Gatou Kuniyan wrestlers. Kizuki began the game by the power challenged but Rey is stronger than her and used the Drop Kick to her. In 5: 39. Rei used the Moon Soult to Kizuki, Kizuki could ran away and used the Tronado Drop Kick to Rei and pinned. Rei could escape and used the Swing Kick to Kizuki, Kizuki dropped on the ring. The referee counted , she could get up in Count 7, the match started,again. In  9.58, Kizuki used the Back Drop to Rei , Rei could escape and used German Suplex to Kizuki, she could escape ,too. Rei kicked to Kizuki’s stomuch before  suplex her on the ring and pinned,k Kizuki  could still escaped. Rei used the back drop to her and dragged her near the corner before finsihed by Shooting Star Press in 11.01 minutes.

Semi Climax; Kana offers: Mika Nishio (OZ ) def.  Kana (  13: 44 ) by German Suplex Hold

              It’s the first match of Nishio in 2 years after she got the injury. Nishio got  the good welfare from the fans. Before the bell rang, Kana stated that “ if she won, Nishio would be a NBP’s member”. Nishio replied, “ if  Kana could beat her, she pleased”. The game started, both ahit together before Kana catched Nishio’s ahir to threw. In 4:24, Ozaki came to the ring to help Nishio, she hit Kana by chain and threw her out from the ring to the audiences’ seat. Kana ‘s face got blood. In 8: 24, Kana used Kana Bump to Nishio and pinned her, Ozaki threw the chain in the ring Nishio got it and hit it on Kana face while she was pinning Nishio. Fuuka could vanquished her feeling, she came in the ring and kick Nishio. Ozaki came in ,too. She hit fuuka and threw her out to the chair and hit her by it. In 13.09, Kana used the combo Kana Bump to Nishio and pinned. Nishio could escape , Kana bumped on Nishio ‘s face and pinned her ,again. Nishio escaped,again. Kana switched to used suplex but Nishio could run away and used the German Suplex hold to her.

After the match, Nishio said, “ Kana wasn’t her component.”   

Final Impression: Decision the Queen of  Heroine II: Les  Japonés Hermoso ( Mima Shimoda& Shu Shibatani ) def. Star Diva ( Yumi Ohka & Fuuka ) ( 22:15 ) when Shimoda used Japanese Ocen Suplex Hold to Ohka.

            Today was the last match of  Queen of Heroine, Shimoda came in the ring and atatcked Ohka before the bell rang. Shibatani kicked Fuuka out to the ring. Shimoda tired to  finish the game in the first minute but Ohka was still strong enough to stand on the ring. In 7:15, Fuuka was tagged while Shimoda tagged Shibatani, they were so fantastic. Shibatani used the skill which she learned in Mexico to Fuuka.  Fuuka used a time to catch Shibatani’s step and kick her. In 10:39, Fuuka was threw out from the ring, Shibatani jumped out to her. Shimoda catched Ohka and threw her to the chair and threw chairs to her. Ohka was angry, she catched the chair to hit on shimoda’s head , shi moda catched the same chair to head on Ohka’s head,too. Ohka dropped on the floor.
In 14:34, Ohka used Sakura Drop to Shibatani and pinned, Fuuka ran to blocked Shimoda. Shibatani could escape. Ohka used the Back Frop to Shibatani and pinned her,again but it’s near the rope. In   20: 34, Fuuka was brutal by Shimoda. Shimoda gave Japanese Ocean Suplex to Fuuka but she could escape and used  Double Swing Kick to  Shimoda and pinned. Shimoda could escaped in 2 counts. Ohka called Fuuka to tag her. Fuuka tagged Ohka, she used the Stomp Drop Kick to Shimoda and followed Pyramid Suplex. Shibatani could save Shimoda. Fuuka ran in to restrict Shibatani. Ohka used  Pyramid Suplex,again but Shimoda could escaped and gave German Suplex hold to Ohka. Fuuka  jumped to help Ohka. Shimatani kicked Fuuka out from the ring. Shimoda catched Ohka and used Japanese Ocean Suplex Hold to her.

   After the match, Shimoda stated, “ Ohka and Fuuka were a good fighter, they  were a center of NBP” before she was out of the ring. Ohka cried before she said “ thank You” to the audience.


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Re: Nihon Bishojo Puroresu ( NBP )
« Reply #4 on: March 04, 2008, 10:42:59 AM »
Today, Mr. Boyd , Fuuka, Mima Shimoda and Yumi Ohka appears in front of the reporters at NBP office for informing about next match of Nippon Bishojo Puroresu on March,30 at Korakuen Hall

In the main event match, it is the AWA Women's Champion title match between Fuuka and Mika Nishio, Fuuka states that " Nishio is a dangerous wrestler when Ozaki is beside her. She will do the best for maintaining her belt.

The semi-final, It's the third confrontation between Yumi ohka and Mima Shimoda in the single match.Ohka states," she hopes to have a good match with Shimoda" while Shimoda states," It looks like Mr.Boyd trying to put Ohka to be her forever component.However, she will pin Ohka for proving that Ohka is not."

Other Informations, Kana got the injury from the match last Saturday. She will rest least 1 month. so, Rei shall play in Kana Offers instant of her. the last information, Jaguar Yokota shall appear on NBP with Sakura Hirota for special match between Hirota and  Yokota. and on April,13, It presents the match between   Japonés Hermoso ( Mima Shimoda& Shu Shibatani ) vs. Genki Misae & Yoshiko Tamura in the main event.

Card for March,30 2008

Dangerous Rose @ Korakuen Hall 

1st impression; Special Offers: Jaguar Yokota vs. Sakura Hirota ( 15 minutes )

2nd Impression; All Nippon Bishojo Tag match: Moeko haruhi & Franscios vs. Mizuho Ishikawa & Misaki Ohata ( 20 minutes )

3rd Impression; The Next Boomin' Rose :Hiroyo Matsumoto ( S-Ovation )  vs. Aoi Kizuki ( 20 minutes )

4th Impression; Kana Offers: Rei vs. Bull Fight Sora ( free) ( 30 minutes )

Semi Climax; Decision the Queen of Rose: Mima Shimoda vs. Yumi Ohka (30 minutes )

Final Impression; AWA Women's Title:  Fuuka (c) vs. Mika Nishio ( 60 minutes )

April,13 2008 The Rose Heart

Final impression: Japonés Hermoso ( Mima Shimoda& Shu Shibatani ) vs. Genki Misae & Yoshiko Tamura