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JWP Tag Team title history help
« on: January 04, 2008, 04:41:09 PM »
I don't know where to put this.

Anyone out there able to help me compile a JWP Tag Team title history?

It might sound confusing and maybe I am just not getting something here, some might even think "who cares", but maybe someone out there is able to help me. I'd really like to get this history straight.

I've got everything sorted out expect for one little mistake that i'm not able to correct for some reason (see below for what I have been able to compile). This is it: According to the official JWP results, there have been a total of 28 champions as of today. The current champions, Kuragaki & Haruyama, are the 28th champions.

Kuragaki & AKINO (won on 12/12/2004, lost on 5/15/2005) were the 22nd champions, according to the (old) results section of the official JWP homepage. The usually reliable has Kuragaki & AKINO as the 21st champions. According to an article by Masanori Horie (search for "February 10, 2000"), Zap I & Zap T became the 15th champions on 2/10/2000. That would leave the mistake somewhere between 15th and 22nd. I have Azumi Hyuga & Ran Yu-Yu at #19, which could be true, according to (it actually says #18, but they have #13 twice, so there you go) ...however, a Azumi Hyuga personal results page has Genki & Ran Yu-Yu winning a tournament in March 2001 (for the 17th champions) for the vacated titles, whereas I have them winning the tourny for the 16th title holders. Confusing. That would date the mistake even further back. But I am going with the theory that there has to be a mistake somewhere between the 16th and 20th champions, probably the 20th, which I base on the fact that James Phillips has a title history with the first 19 champions listed, going right up to Hyuga & Ran Yu-Yu which I have listed 19th as well. I know of a "title match site" (Battle mania) that collects information on Puroresu title matches. They go back to 2000 and have my #16 as #17...and so on...#19 as #20, which would make great sense since Hyuga & Ran did vacated the belts and the next champs I know of (Haruyama & Yoneyama) won a tournament for the vacated belts. Since Masanori Horie has the Zap's at #15, and (I assume) every title match from 2000 is listed on his site, that would mean that the mistake would be at #16.

Supposedly, the title was vacant from July 2002 until January 2004, when Ran left for GAEA. The only plausible theory I could come up with is that the title must have been activated during that time but then vacated again (since every site has Haruyama & Yoneyama winning a tournament in January 2004 for the vacated titles) (but then again, there is no proof at all supporting that theory). I do have complete results for 2005 (which will be put on at some point or another when I am done translating them), but beyond that, it seems to be almost impossible to find (full) results (as far as I know), and JWP does not have an official title history on their website, which makes it even more difficult to sort that mistake out.

I guess the best way of making sense out of all this is to find someone who reads/writes japanese that would be able to send an email to JWP directly (then again, I kind of doubt that they have an official title list or something...)

This is the basic list I've compiled so far (trimmed down to date [day.month.year] & champions):

1. [09.08.1992] Mayumi Ozaki & Cutie Suzuki
2. [21.03.1993] Devil Masami & Dynamite Kansai
3. [02.12.1993] Mayumi Ozaki & Cutie Suzuki
4. [27.03.1994] Etsuko Mita & Mima Shimoda
5. [08.01.1995] Mayumi Ozaki & Hikari Fukuoka
6. [18.03.1995] Dynamite Kansai & Cutie Suzuki
7. [09.12.1995] KAORU & Hikari Fukuoka
8. [07.07.1996] Dynamite Kansai & Cutie Suzuki
9. [26.11.1996] Devil Masami & Hikari Fukuoka
10. [23.01.1998] Manami Toyota & Kaoru Ito
11. [11.02.1998] Hikari Fukuoka & Tomoko Kuzumi
12. [14.06.1998] Devil Masami & Cutie Suzuki
13. [31.07.1998] Hikari Fukuoka & Tomoko Kuzumi
14. [15.01.1999] Commando Bolshoi & Rieko Amano
15. [10.02.2000] Zap I & Zap T [confirmed via Masanori Horie article]
-- vacant (18.06.2000)
16. [31.03.2001] Misae Genki & Ran Yu-Yu [win tournament for vacated titles] [17th champs according to Battle mania]
17. [31.08.2001] Azumi Hyuga (Tomoko Kuzumi) & Kayoko Haruyama [18th champs according to Battle mania]
18. [10.09.2001] Commando Bolshoi & GAMI
19. [20.07.2002] Azumi Hyuga & Ran Yu-Yu [20th champs according to Battle mania]
-- vacant when Ran left for GAEA.
20. ??????
-- had to be vacant because next champions win tournament for vacant titles.
21. [25.01.2004] Kayoko Haruyama & Kaori Yoneyama [confirmed via Kaori Yoneyama results homepage] [win tournament for vacated titles]
22. [12.12.2004] Tsubasa Kuragaki & AKINO [confirmed via JWP homepage (old results section)]
23. [15.05.2005] Kaori Yoneyama & Tojuki Leon [confirmed via JWP homepage (old results section)]
24. [06.08.2006] Toshie Uematsu & Ran Yu-Yu [confirmed via JWP homepage (results section)]
25. [24.12.2006] Sachie Abe & KAZUKI [confirmed via JWP homepage (results section)]
-- vacant
26. [10.06.2007] Sachie Abe & KAZUKI [confirmed via JWP homepage (results section)]
27. [08.07.2007] Toshie Uematsu & Ran Yu-Yu [confirmed via JWP homepage (results section)]
28. [12.08.2007] Tsubasa Kuragaki & Kayoko Haruyama [confirmed via JWP homepage (results section)]

Geeez, thinking about all that makes my head spin...*haha 

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Re: JWP Tag Team title history help
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2008, 05:13:13 PM »

I used an Japanese-to-English translator on the following page

This webpage is by some Japanese guy who is a big JWP/Hyuga mark (maybe it's the one you mentioned) and the page in question has the title history for all of JWP's titles and other organizations' titles when matches involved JWP workers.  The best I can make out is that the controversy involves the title match on June 18, 2000.  AJW's Zap I & Zap T were the champions (the 15th holders) but apparently lost to Azumi Hyuga & Command Bolshoi, which would make them the 16th holder of the title.  However, for reasons unknown to me since I've never seen or read about this match, it appears the title was held up/vacated and remained vacant until 3/31/01, when Genki & Ran beat Hyuga & Bolshoi in the finals of a tournament, making them the 17th holder.  So I guess Hyuga & Bolshoi were given credit for a very short title reign-counting it this way gets you to the current holders (Kuragaki & Haruyama) being #28.

I hope this helps.  If anyone has seen the match in question or really know the story, please educate us.

I'm assuming you are eventually going to put up the JWP title histories on  *whee

EDIT: James Phillips was still active at this time and reported the 6/18/00 title change, but gave no elaboration on what happened.

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Re: JWP Tag Team title history help
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2008, 09:22:35 PM »
There's probably no report on the match because it never ended up on TV at least. That's weird because AJW had a match between those teams on it's TV taped June 11, but it's not listed as a title match. Then, JWP showed part of it's show on June 18, which had Dynamite Kansai last JWP match, but didn't show anything from that match when they would usually show at least highlights title matches. Although that looks to be the end of AJW/JWP relationship at the time. Maybe it didn't end so well, with AJW blocking the match from being aired.

At the end of '00, JWP shut down for a few months. I would imagine that's why Hyuga/Bolshoi vacated the belts, but Bolshoi did hang on to the JWP singles title so who knows.


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Re: JWP Tag Team title history help
« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2008, 07:30:11 AM »
Josh & Gabor, thanks for helping out.

I didn't know about that section of the Hyuga fan page, I only saw the results page of the site. They have all the defenses as well, wow! Great find, thanks alot! There is a boatload of additional information on that site as well, pretty amazing.

Yeah, the title histories will be added to the site, along with a few others. I already added some new profiles a few days ago. Joshi section is growing.