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Shin Joshi Puroresu - Fantasy Writing/Booking Project
« on: April 02, 2015, 09:00:08 PM »
I am a member of another fantasy booking community, and I recently started a joshi promotion within that community. The group is organized as an alliance, and there are a few women's divisions around the alliance, but hasn't been a joshi promotion active in years. Being that joshi is my favorite genre, for lack of a better word, of wrestling, and I'd been putting in a good deal of studying towards the stars, watching matches as vigorously as my schedule allows and just generally enjoying delving into the scene more, I decided to begin this. I created roughly a group of 32 stars to start, based on 8 from each prominent age group I could see: 40's, Mid-to-Late 30's, Late 20's/Early 30's, and Teens to Mid-20's. Like I said, roughly, as by the end I sort of adjusted some of the brackets a bit to fit in some of the more talented or namely performers who may have been snubbed in the process. I wasn't able to accommodate all in the initial tournament, but will hopefully be able to bring in those that were ultimately snubbed for matches down the line. My usage may or may not be, well, good, or I may be off the mark on some things, and I'd love to get any feedback as to how I might use these ladies better and in the most respectful manner possible. There are many with vastly more knowledge than I have, but I do enjoy writing and crafting matches and telling stories, and even after doing this sort of thing for over 15 years now, there's still a lot I can do to learn and grow. Thanks to anybody who reads and enjoys or even reads and hates, and I just say I am open to criticism and appreciate your time. Without further ado, this is Shin Joshi Puroresu.

Shin Joshi Puroresu

SJP Championship Tournament - Round of Thirty Two - DAY ONE

Eri Susa vs. Hikaru Shida

Eri would come into this match looking to avoid the technically brilliant assault of the beastly Shida, instead trying to goad Shida into a fight and give herself a puncher's chance at victory. The match would only last a little north of 7 minutes, and while Eri showed that she could grapple with Shida, she became overwhelmed as Shida's brawling and big blows ended up overwhelming her, dazing her far beyond what she could handle. Shida would deliver an Arawashi Driver, attempting a cover but the fans seemed impressed as Eri kicked out, screaming out as she did. Unfortunately for her, her screaming only continued and worsened soon after as Shida locked on the Full Metal Muffler, bending her in half until she was forced to submit.

Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Kaori Yoneyama

Yoneyama and Matsumoto both are versatile, both able to hit some hard strikes as well as do a little flying, but both have their leanings. Matsumoto relies more on her power and impact, while Yoneyama attempts to wrestle more of an energetic, almost lucha libre style. Yoneyama was able to get the fans behind her early, using her charisma and flashy style to get the fans on her side, which got into the head of the slightly younger Matsumoto. Fired up, Matsumoto would get Yoneyama down viciously on the outside and then try to win the favor of the fans by getting back into the ring and flying out, attempting a Suicida, only to over shoot her target and land face first on the floor! That was a Hell of a botch, and it looked like she was seriously injured, but Matsumoto showed her grit and continued. Yoneyama would do more damage to Matsumoto, not letting up, and came off the top with a Senton Backsplash, but Matsumoto shocked the audience with a dramatic kick out! Yoneyama would latch on and she looked like she was going for the Chaos Theory, only to have Matsumoto counter with a big Backdrop Driver! Matsumoto would catch her breath and make a come back, delivering a big Lariat, but only a two count! Matsumoto would call for the end, trying for her High Angle Sit-Out Powerbomb, but Yoneyama would reverse right into her Yone-Zou Sunset Flip Bomb, but Matsumoto somehow STILL kicked out at two! What a hot second match up of the night! Yoneyama calls for the end, looking for the Shiranui, but Matsumoto reverses and Yoneyama lands on her feet... Rolling Elbow! Yoneyama is stunned and Matsumoto gets her up on her shoulders, then takes her down with the Hiroyo Stone! Matsumoto covers, hooking the leg, and she gets it! Matsumoto advances to the Round of Sixteen, but not without all that she could handle from the crafty Kaori Yoneyama!

Makoto vs. Kairi Hojo

These two started off very friendly, and they charmed the fans early, but a Hell cat rose up out of Makoto after some stiff elbows from Hojo, and this match got down right vicious! These two really put some work in on each other in the short time they were given, trading pin attempts on the mat after stiff dropkicks and Spear tackles. Hojo would end up lighting up Makoto with a series of chops, followed by multiple elbows, and then hit a Vertical Suplex, followed by a massive Flying Elbowdrop from the top! Hojo thought she had it and so did the crowd, but Makoto would scream as she kicked out, yelling at Hojo to give her more punishment! Hojo would blast Makoto with left and right elbows before running for the ropes. Makoto would quickly follow, however, and when Hojo turned, Makoto would Spear her nearly out of her boots, rolling her as she did and pinning her shoulders to the mat as she scissored her legs around Hojo's and held her down for the three, advancing in the tournament and turning some heads in the process!

Kyoko Inoue vs. Yumiko Hotta

We've reached the veterans bracket here, as two legends of ladies wrestling did battle here. These two knew each other well from their days in All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling and beyond, and while both have slowed down, neither have lost any of their skill or ability to connect with the crowd. Inoue is always a big favorite, though, and even though these two worked a smart, hard but rather short match, it was clear what they were going for. Hotta was ruthless in her attack of Inoue's legs, using her shoot style to wear her down and then grounding her as Inoue would fight her off, pulling her hair and punching her, trying to do anything to keep herself in the match. Eventually the fans rallied after Inoue refused to give up and began fighting back, and she would eventually deliver a Niagra Driver to put Hotta down for the three. Both women showed respect after the contest, and the fans appreciated their efforts and the nostalgia of the contest.
Nanae Takahashi vs. Kyoko Kimura

The fans were soundly behind Nanae here, as Kyoko is as vicious and heelish a monster as you're likely to find anywhere in wrestling. You can't help but be impressed with her physicality, though, and you can't help but respect anyone who tries to hang with it, as Nanae did here. Nanae would manage to get the better of the mat exchanges early, leading to frustration and furious anger from Kimura, leading to multiple head butts, leading to Nanae answering back with headbutts of her own, which was stifled by a vicious straight right hand, followed by a Running Boot to the face, which earned Kimura a two count. Kimura would continue to beat and maim Nanae, getting near falls, before trying to submit her with an Octopus Stretch. Nanae would manage to power her way out, slamming Kyoko to the mat, and would deliver a Lariat for a near fall. Nanae would go on a tear, hitting a Falcon's Arrow, but only getting a two count. She would call for the end and attempt to slam Kimura, but Kimura would slide over it and try to lift up Nanae into a Gory Special, only to have it reversed into a Sunset Flip for a two count! Kyoko would scramble up, only to get caught with a Shining Wizard, getting the fans riled up! Nanae calls for the end and whips Kimura to the corner, coming in and blasting her with a Lariat before positioning her in the corner. Nanae then pulls her out into a Muscle Buster, only to change and drive her down with a Fisherman's Driver! Nanae holds her down and it's all over; Nanae advances!

Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Arisa Nakajima

Fujimoto may lack the crispness or overall skill of an ace level competitor like Nakajima, but she sure has some heart! Fujimoto brought her spunk to this contest and seemed to really believe she had a chance, which is turn made the crowd think she might have a chance at this, going for a Running Ace Crusher early and thinking she could pick up the shock three, but Nakajima would not go down that easy! Fujimoto showed desperation, trying to wear down Nakajima on the outside and keep her disoriented, but Nakajima showed her fighting spirit and skills, and by the end, it was clear Fujimoto was out matched. Nakajima would deliver a perfect German Suplex, and it looked like it was over, but Fujimoto would kick out to the shock of everyone. Fujimoto would look up defiantly at Nakajima from a knee, begging her to continue, and Nakajima would do so, kicking her across the face and then trying for another German Suplex, but Fujimoto would reverse it, rolling up Nakajima, only to get a two count! Nakajima would rush up and knee Fujimoto to the face this time, picking her up and slamming her to the mat before heading up top and diving off with a Double Stomp! Fujimoto was clearly broken there, her spirit crushed, and Nakajima would advance, looking pretty dominant heading into the Round of Sixteen.

Command Bolshoi vs. Mayumi Ozaki

Two JWP Joshi Puroresu veterans did battle here for what might have been the millionth time, but the style contrast only gets more intriguing with age for these two. Bolshoi hasn't seemed to slow down a bit, and the mysterious masked superstar definitely tried to use that to ever advantage throughout. Ozaki was once one of the best and most gifted all around stars you would find, but as time goes on, so does her versatility, but it didn't matter, as what she does, she does well, and that's kick ass, plain and simple. Ozaki would use her mean streak and hard hitting style to punish Bolshoi on the outside, using whatever furnitude and underhanded methods she could to secure an advantage before taking things back into the ring. Ozaki would try to end things with a Spinning Backfist, but Bolshoi would catch it and take her down with a Cross Armbar, sending Ozaki to the ropes! Boshoi would attack with wild vigor, looking for to use her lucha libre influened style and submission prowess to completely wipe out Ozaki, but Ozaki would battle back with reckless brawling, eventually landing the Spinning Backfist, but Bolshoi would kick out! Ozaki would then look for her Ozakick, but Bolshoi would duck it and then catch her with a big Shotei Palm Strike, knocking her near senseless, before delivering a brutal High Knee Strike, and that seemed to knock out Ozaki cold! Bolshoi covers, only getting a two, but Ozaki seemed to kick out on instinct and instinct alone, and Bolshoi could smell the blood in the water. Bolshoi hurries, latching on with a Fujiwara Armbar, and Ozaki, dazed and out of it, still has ring presence to reach for the ropes. Bolshoi sees this and floats over Ozaki, applying the Fujiwara Armbar to the opposite arm! Ozaki is deflated for a moment, but shows the flames from below and tries to pull herself completely across the ring to the opposite ropes, but Bolshoi won't have it. Bolshoi scissors the right arm and then chickenwings the left, applying a neck lock and Ozaki is in a bad position here as the Rings of Saturn are hooked in! Ozaki is gassed and defeated, verbally submitting, and Bolshoi makes her to the Round of Sixteen feeling pretty good here tonight with a win over an old rival.

Kana vs. Tomoka Nakagawa

Kana has been a controversial figure in the sport for some time, but she has really taken a turn as of late, showing no respect for her opponents and displaying what can only be described as a lunatic fringe. Nakagawa proved to be an excellent opponent for Kana, as if there is another unorthodox figure out there to match wits the psychological shooter like Kana, it's the technically sound and off beat Nakagawa, who showed no signs of intimidation or eagerness to back down from the decorated star. Nakagawa would actually come out of the box early, bettering Kana on the mat and bad mouthing her, getting half the fans behind her while half were firmly in the Kana-fan camp. Pushing Kana is such a way can prove to be costly, and Nakagawa caught the brunt of why Kana is such a "Queen of Controversy", as she laid into Nakagawa with sickeningly stiff strikes, then mocked her, paint brushing her head as she was doubled over in pain and left the ring to try to find some refuge. Kana would slowly and methodically continue to blast Nakagawa with kicks and strikes of the outside, pulling her hair and tongue lashing her with insults before blasting her face first into the ring post! Nakagawa would take a few more kicks before catching Kana's right leg and Dragon Screwing it, sending Kana into the guard railing and getting a rise from the crowd! Tomoka would yell in Kana's face and give her a "thumbs down" before slapping her back and forth and then delivering a huge Enzuigiri! Nakagawa then sent Kana back into the ring staggering and came in, delivering a Front Dropkick to her face and going for the cover, but just a two! Nakagawa locks on a Muta Lock after engaging the crowd, getting them fired up, and Kana looks to be in some trouble. Nakagawa lets go of the hold, opting to tie her up with an Inverted Gannosuke Clutch, attempting to get a roll-up pinfall, but Kana still won't stay down! Nakagawa lifts up Kana, only to have Kana burst and deliver a Spinning Backfist, followed by a Roundhouse Kick that staggers her into the corner! Kana then flies in, delivering a High Front Kick that puts her down on the buckles and then follows up with a Running Hip Attack, whiplashing her head! Kana goes for the cover, but just a two, however you can see Nakagawa is in trouble here. Kana immediately locks on one of her pet holds, the Reverse Cross Armbar, and she is wrenching Nakagawa's arm in a bad way! Nakagawa fights and fights and manages to get the ropes, and Kana holds for nearly all five seconds, getting a boo from the crowd as she toys with Nakagawa, showing her cockiness as she lightly boots the back of her head, mocking her. Kana then tries for a Roundhouse Kick again, but Nakagawa reverses, locking on her Schoolboy 120%, but Kana just barely kicks out! Nakagawa rushes off the ropes and delivers a Single Leg Kick to her head, following up with a Fisherman's Suplex, but Kana kicks out- OH, and Nakagawa turns it into a Reverse Chinlock! Kana is in trouble, and now it's Nakagawa who makes her crawl to the ropes! Nakagawa pulls Kana off the ropes and tries for another Fisherman's Suplex, but Kana blocks it and turns her over, looking for a Crossface Chickenwing, but Nakagawa reverses and kicks the back of her leg, following up with a Shining Enzuigiri, and she goes for the cover, but just a two count! Nakagawa tries for another Fisherman's Suplex, but Kana escapes, delivering a Spinkick to her gut and then kicks Nakagawa to the outside with a front kick. Nakagawa manages to grab a water bottle from a nearby fan as Kana was taunting her. Kana follows her out and grabs her, only to get a Water Mist to the face, followed by a HUGE walloping Slap to the head! Nakagawa rolls Kana back into the ring and Nakagawa heads up top, flying off with a Missile Dropkick, but only gets a two count for the cover! Nakagawa gets up, yelling out and rushes, trying for a Sliding Lariat, but Kana reverses, Backsliding Nakagawa and rolling her, popping up and then Roundhouse Kicking her as she puts out her tongue, still showing attitude after all that's gone down so far! Kana then comes off the ropes as Nakagawa sits, stunned, and delivers a Hip Attack to her, knocking her for a loop and Kana drops down, hooking the legs, and Nakagawa shows one last bit of grit, kicking out defiantly! Kana kicks her to the head again, and then taunts her, locking on her Leg Trap Camel Clutch known as the Henkei Zombie-gatame, and Nakagawa has no escape or energy to fight it. She has to give up, and Kana manages to advance after a truly great contest from both ladies tonight!
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