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So here's a question: who, of the older era of AJW, would you classify as among the most underrated or overlooked? Let's say pre-'90s.

After watching a bit of her stuff Chino Sato seems like someone who seems like someone who should've been around 5 or so years later as opposed to the early '80s. She's got a great hellcat persona in the ring and some really cool offense. She seems like she would've been better served (although almost definitely overshadowed) being able to bully around the Crushes or JBA or alternately getting into it with Dump's crew as opposed to kind of just dicking around in the transitional post-Beauty Pair/Jackie Sato period.

Tomi Aoyama's ridiculous high flying would've been better served in that era or the '90s as well where more people could've kept up with her. I mean that's all ignoring the fact she would've been a fair bit older (and probably retired) at that point and the knee damage that wound up grounding her.

i agree with chino sato - she was delivering some cool power bombs way back then....-
i would also add victoria fujimi who despite her plump figure was very agile. i would love to see more videos of her single matches, as she's mostly featured as part of the golden Pair...

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