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So I recently watched the legends tag from Big Egg Wrestling Universe for the first time; no clue why I put it off for so long but oh well! Anyway she stood out in the match because with Lioness you'd expect good things, Jaguar is God(dess) and Bison hadn't really been retired for too long before that match. She came off as fairly athletic so I'm wondering why it is she didn't stick around with the other three? She could still go judging by that match and looked to be in good shape.

Likewise what are some matches of hers to check out considering the only ones I've seen are that and the tag w/ Nagahori against Uno and Hotta where Uno dies forever.

Not sure why she didn't stick around, probably just didn't want to would be the most likely answer. Or maybe it just wasn't an option at the time. The Big Egg tag was just meant as a special legends exhibition match, it wasn't until a few months later that the other 3 came back again and started working regular matches full time.

--- Quote ---Likewise what are some matches of hers to check out
--- End quote ---

3/20/86 she has a 30 minute match vs Kazue Nagahori which is awesome and the best match of hers i've seen

She was a part of the big Dump's Army vs Team Chiggy 12 woman elimination tag on on 12/6/86 which was another great one but I don't particulalry recall how big a role she played in it off the top of my head.

Beyond those 2 I haven't personally seen her in a ton of top lvl matches but she was almost always in atleast decent or better ones

Her vs Bull was always fun, especially liked the double match at the big 5/6/89 show

I liked her vs Yamada 3/19/1989

liked the Ogura/Nagahori vs Iwamoto & Drill tag title match from 9/14/97

Ogura vs Kanako Nagatomo 4/3/1985 for the jr title is pretty good

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