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Buildup to Hair vs. Hair matches ??

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What were the sequence of events that lead to the Manami Toyota-Toshiyo Yamada Hair match ? Also the Chigusa Nagayo - Dump Matsumoto hair matches ?

The reason I ask is because I was watching a Bill Dundee-Jerry Lawler compilation and Bill Dundee had beaten Jerry Lawler for several weeks, first winning the title, then Lawler's money, and Lawler wanted another chance but the Dundee would only entertain the thought if Lawler put his hair up for another shot at the title.
So it got me to thinking what was the build up to the Joshi hair matches...was it just a stip added on for added drama...or did it build up to that point based on something like Dump trying to cut Chigusa's hair previously.

Also at the conclusion of the Toyota-Yamada didn't seem like Toyota wanted to have Yamada's head why was the stip made ? I never saw the buildup to that match so I'm curious.

I'm sure someone around here knows better but I thought Toshiyo had chosen the hair vs hair stip and that's why Toyota really didn't want it to happen. ELPS probably knows.

Dump was a nasty heel.

FLIK covered the entire Toyota/Yamada rivalry in the Talk About Matches Thread some time last year. I suggest going through that as I'm sure it'll explain it better than I could.

Yep. Thought I read it once before.

Thanks nikky, i have a shit memory.

Thanks for directing me to the info...I didn't think it was possible but knowing the how and why has just given the whole match an added layer of depth for me....

Now I'm wondering how many other storylines I'm ignorant of because of my poor Japanese language skills.....


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