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Forum Rules
« on: May 09, 2011, 02:02:49 PM »
1.  No negativity.  This is a supportive, fan run forum.  We can talk, respectfully and intelligently about things we disagree about, but we should not be constantly complaining for the sake of complaining. has tried to do many positive things in the joshi community, and we still have plans to do more.  Don't ruin JF's image with needless negativity.

2.  Be respectful.  I'm really going to start enforcing this rule.  The rest of the mods have permission to enforce this and report back to me, in addition to recommending a temporary or perma-ban, based on the offense.

Be respectful to the workers.  They bust their asses for our entertainment.  I NEVER want to read about "she slept with so and so" on here.

Be respectful to each other.  We've had intelligent debate on here, and I love it.  There's no need to go into the mud.  Don't like someone?  Don't talk to them.  Simple.

As a side note.  There will be good-natured ribbing in the forums.  Try not to take offense at teasing that's not malicious.  I don't like feeling like a parent that constantly listens to a sibling whine about their brother or sister.  And if you're going to come complaining to me about other members' behavior, I sure as hell better not find out that you've been disrespectful to someone else or a worker.

3.  Any match trading must be done via pm's.  We will sticky a topic in the matches thread for vendors and their contact info.  Anything beyond that should be done via pm and at your own risk.

4.  Do not upload and post links to any SHIMMER, Chickfight or American indy promotion on the forums, especially if these promotions rely on dvd sales as their main income.  Same goes for wrestlers.  If anyone wants to see the matches, buy them.  They'll be listed on the vendor list.

These aren't overly harsh rules at all.  But I'm going to have to start enforcing them.  Thankfully, many of you are wonderfully productive members of this community and give us no problems at all.  Keep it up.

For those that choose not to follow the rules:

First offense will be a public notice warning.  You'll have a note in your profile.

Second offense is an automatic three-day ban.

Third offense will last for two weeks.

The fourth offense will result in a perma-ban.

The staff reserves the right to immediately issue a perma ban in extreme situations.

Conduct for members of when attending wrestling events.

1. Be respectful to any and all workers, ring officials, promoters and anyone involved with the production of the event you are attending.

2. Do not try to harass any such persons while you are in attendance. This also includes monopolizing their time during intermission when they could be selling merchandise or at after shows. Know that they usually charge for photos so if you DO get a free one from them at an after show, be grateful for it and DO NOT PUSH FOR MORE.

3. Bringing gifts can generally be acceptable AS LONG AS they are gifts of a general fan nature. Fan made items like wrestling scrapbooks, or like the shirts and banners our resident artiste has made are fine. Items of a more personal nature including flowers, intimate cards, etc are not. You are a fan, not a potential love interest.

4. DO NOT conduct any business under the name or representation unless you have express permission from me and me alone.

5. DO NOT make any mentions of nude wrestling, wrestling "chicks for pay" or anything else that will paint this community in a negative light.

If you feel you cannot abide by any of these guidelines, must request that you refrain from mentioning this community in any form.

Furthermore, we are not held liable for any of your behavior, or the consequences of your behavior.
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Forum Rules
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2019, 09:36:00 AM »
Thanks Admin
I Think There is no need in each category to Describe Rules
Admin What u say About Astir Question????

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Forum Rules
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2019, 04:14:35 PM »
Its a shame that the forums were not moderated properly until now. Im doing my best trying to clean up the forums but its gonna take a while.

Too many posts that break the forum rules and topics all in the wrong section....