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Galaxy Event Schedule
6/1/11 - "Queendom '11" @ Korakuen Hall
6/21/11 - "Long Live the Queen!" @ Itabashi Green Hall

Next Event:
Galaxy, 6/1/11
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
“Queendom '11”

1. No Disqualification Match: Rena vs. Hisae Watanabe
2. Queen of Galaxy Semi-Final 1: Sara Del Rey vs. Nanae Takahashi
3. Queen of Galaxy Semi-Final 2: Kana vs. Yoshiko Tamura (UJWF)
4. Innocence Lost Trios Match: Makoto, Hikaru Shida (NFW) & Shuri vs. Sayuri Okino (FREE), Eiger (FREE) & X
5. UWF Rules Match: Mika Nagano vs. Jenny Sjodin (Sweden)
6. All Star Elimination Tag Match: Azumi Hyuga (WJP), Ayumi Kurihara (UJWF), Toshie Uematsu & Serena Deeb (USA) vs. Aja Kong (WJP), Takako Inoue, Yuzuki Aikawa & Madison Eagles
7. NFW Tag Team Title Match: Mio & Io Shirai (NFW) (C) vs. Kyoko Kimura & Basara
8. Queen of Galaxy Final (Title Match): Winner of Match 2 vs. Winner of Match 3

Past Events:
4/27/11 - "It's Evolution, Baby!" @ Zepp Tokyo
5/4/11 - "Golden Show" @ Osaka Prefectural Gym #2
5/11/11 - "Feel the Passion" @ Shinjuku Face
5/17/11 - "Galaxy in the House, Vol. 1" @ Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
5/18/11 - "Road to Queendom, Part 1" @ Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
5/25/11 - "Road to Queendom, Part 2" @ Zepp Tokyo
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Nanae Takahashi
Takako Inoue
Mika Nishio
Toshie Uematsu
Kyoko Kimura
Hisae Watanabe
Yumi Ohka
Mika Nagano
Emi Fujino
Nao Komatsu
Sawako Shimotsuke
Yuzuki Aikawa
Sara Del Rey (USA)
Christina Von Eerie (USA)
Madison Eagles (Australia)

Daichi Murayama (Head Referee)
Chiharu Ono (Ring Announcer)
Momoe Oe (TV Announcer/Commentator)
Genki Sudo (TV Announcer/Commentator)
Seiko Nagashima (Spokesperson/Trainer/Scout)


Queen of Galaxy
-To Be Crowned 6/1/11-
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Galaxy, 4/27/11
Zepp Tokyo
“It’s Evolution, Baby!”

1. Nao Komatsu & Sawako Shimotsuke vs. Madison Eagles (AUS) & Christina Von Eerie (USA)
2. Nagisa Nozaki vs. Toshie Uematsu
3. Kyoko Kimura, Basara & Mima Shimoda (NWF) vs. Mika Nagano, Emi Fujino & Rena
4. Makoto & Ray vs. Mika Nishio & Takako Inoue
5. Nanae Takahashi, Shuri & Ayumi Kurihara (UJWF) vs. Kana, Sara Del Rey (USA) & Yumiko Hotta (UJWF)


The Galaxy debut show kicked off in fashion at the Zepp Tokyo when the band’s appeared for an impromptu jam that sent the crowd into a frenzy as the fighters marched, strutted and danced into the ring for formal introductions. The entire Galaxy roster as well as the guest fighters and TV announcers Genki Sudo and Momoe Oe, who received huge applause, were introduced and bowed to the crowd with Kana introduced last.  Kana the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Women’s Wrestling” stepped in front of Nanae Takahashi and took the mic to thank everyone for attending and gave a shout out to the very cool sounds of the’s for being their special guests of the evening and that this will be the first of many Galaxy shows to revive women’s profession wrestling and that it is now time to let the fighting begin.

Sawako Shimotsuke & Nao Komatsu  vs.  Madison Eagles & Christina Von Eerie

The inaugural match for Galaxy was a tag team battle between young up-and-coming talents Sawako Shimotsuke and Nao Komatsu against a team of gaijin warriors, Madison “The Punisher” Eagles from Australia who has held titles all over the world and America’s “Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie, accompanied to the ring by fellow a gaijin wrestler appearing in the main event, Sara Del Rey.  Eerie and Komatsu started things off. The American with the Mohawk began by brutally beating the undersized Komatsu until Komatsu rallied and made the tag to Sawako, who showed a lot of  her own strength and gained control of the match until the rules went out the window and the match became a four woman brawl, and temporarily five when the action fell outside the ring and Del Rey managed to get a stiff kick directly into the face of Sawako. The gaijin gained control from that point on with some nice double teams on the young team.  Madison Eagles finally put Komatsu away with a devastating power bomb that  nearly shook the Zepp and led to the 3 count at 12:40 and the win for the gaijin pair who celebrated while hurling insults towards their fallen opponents and the crowd in general. It seems this gaijin trio will be a major force in Galaxy.

Toshie Uematsu  vs.  Nagisa Nozaki

 In the next match of the evening and the first singles battle in promotion history, veteran rudo with a huge fan following Toshie Uematsu battled a wrestler returning to full form following a long absence from the ring due to injury, the exciting Nagisa Nozaki who has shown much promise to be a star of tomorrow. The action was back and forth  with the younger Nozaki nearly securing the pin after a string of missle drop kicks that had the crowd on their feet. In the end though, the cagey veteran Uematsu was able to withstand the assault and after gaining the advantage by raking Nozaki’s eyes along the ropes, Uematsu took to the sky and hit a diving body press for the 1-2-3 and the win at 8:53.  After the match Uematsu showed respect for her defeated opponent and nodded her head as a sign of approval to Nozaki.

Kyoko Kimura, Basara & Mima Shimoda  vs.  Mika Nagano, Emi Fujino & Rena

The third match was the much anticipated Galaxy debut of Bad Blood (Kyoko Kimura & Basara) teaming up with New Frontier Wrestling’s legendary Mima Shimoda to take on the trios team with great MMA backgrounds Mika Nagano, Emi Fujino and the newly signed Shoot Boxing sensation, the 19 year old double S-Cup Champion Rena, who has been training hard for her pro wrestling debut. Nagano and Basara led things off with some quick back and forth grappling action and some stiff exchanges of fists, followed by a tag in to Rena who really got the fans going as she battered Basara with lightning fast hands and a combination of kicks that seemed to even impress referee Murayama, all the while frustrating Kimura until she and Shimoda ignored the rules and inserted themselves in to the fight leading to three on three in ring action for over a minute until referee Murayama could gain control of the match.

Fujino and Shimoda then went at it for a while with Fujino holding her own against one of the best in the business. A few more nice exchanges occurred until it seemed as if Rena & co. were in control of the match. Fujino and Nagano had applied a spectacular double heel hook on Basara that sent her reeling and Fujino held Shimoda out of the ring while Rena went to work on Kimura, landing several sharp knees and even  a crisp body slam that had Kimura holding her back in agony. The crowd was erupting and it looked like Rena may pull off a major victory in her very first match as she was setting up to soccer kick the struggling Kimura when out of the audience and rushing into the ring, just as Basara recovered enough to distract the referee, came none other than Shoot Boxing and MMA rival diva Hisae Watanabe, who landed a devastating high kick to the back of the head of an unsuspecting Rena who fell right into the grasp of Kimura who stood her up, noticeably groggy from Hisae’s kick and with a running start landed a Big Boot of her own for the 1-2-3 win over the rookie in just under 15 minutes of insane action.  Mika Nagano and Emi Fujino helped their fallen teammate out of the ring as Kyoko Kimura, Basara and Hisae Watanabe celebrated in the ring much to the dismay of the Zepp audience. Kimura tossed Watanabe a black tee shirt which she gladly put on, reading “Bad Blood.” It seems now there are three members to this nasty faction and this rivalry is likely far from over.  Bad Blood turned what was turning out to be a sensational showing from Rena into a souring night of villainy.

Takako Inoue & Mika Nishio  vs.  Makoto & Ray

The semi-main event tag match was a generational clash with plenty of star power.  The first team consisted of multiple championship holders Mika Nishio and Takako Inoue and a pair of younger stars that have been making waves throughout Japan’s pro wrestling scene over the past couple of years in the masked high flyer named Ray and the current UJWF No Limits Champion Makoto. The crowd seemed to give their support to all four women as they made their way to the ring. Makoto was extremely proud of her recently won title belt which she took to ringside with her. The action started with Ray and Nishio in the ring and back and forth it went, Ray trying to quicken the pace and use her high fling abilities while Nishio was more determined to keep things closer to the mat. Makoto and Takako took over next with Makoto seeming a little in awe of her legendary opponent who still looks incredible in the ring and murmurs of “Cougar” as seemed to echo through the Zepp, a nickname that seems to be sticking to Dakko-chan Takako. After Takako took an early advantage, Makoto was able to bust out some kicks of her own and nearly caught Takako with a roll up before the veteran kicked free just in time. The match went back and forth with Nishio and Takako controlling much of the bout while Makoto and Ray hit some big moves to keep it close and then, to much surprise from all in attendance, Makoto landed a bicycle kick on Takako, sending her out of the ring and then along with Ray hit a double drop kick on Nishio allowing Ray to set up and land a moonsault for an amazing 3 count pin and the win. This was obviously a huge victory for this young team over such formidable opponents. After the match Takako was gracious in defeat, showing her respect to Makoto and Ray, though Nishio was less pleased and quickly made her way backstage in disgust. Makoto then grabbed her No Limits Title and held it tightly as they made their way to the back. Ray pointed at the belt to a worried expression on Makoto’s face, then smiled and shook her head. Makoto and Ray slapped hands with the fans in attendance as the music continued to play.

Nanae Takahashi, Ayumi Kurihara & Shuri  vs.  Kana, Yumiko Hotta & Sara Del Rey

Now it was time for the main event. UJWF star, the ever popular Ayumi Kurihara was the first to make her way to the ring followed by Galaxy’s resident Karate Girl, another extremely popular fighter Shuri and finally Nanae Takahashi, the decorated wrestler who is clearly taking a leadership role in this new promotion. The Galaxy crowd filled the ring with streamers for their favorite stars. The opponents then came out one at a time, first UJWF’s Yumiko Hotta who looked ever intimidating and angry and had some words for rival Kurihara before the match.  Gaijin Sara Del Rey with her war paint was next and finally to heavy applause and perhaps the most streamers of the night was “The Heart Terrorist” herself wearing an elaborate robe, Kana. All six women met in the center of the ring to shake hands but it ended up being a forehead to forehead staredown between Nanae and Kana. Referee Murayama finally got the women to their appropriate corners and Kana and Nanae were eager to be the first ones in. The bell sounded and Kana and Nanae went right after one another, exchanging slaps in the face and big chops over and over again until Kana finally landed a high kick that sent Nanae reeling against the ropes. There is obviously no love lost between these two former tag partners and now bitter rivals.

The action continued to heat up as Kurihara and Hotta took their turn in the ring and the two UJWF stars from different generations entertained the crowd as Kurihara seemed to find the answer to every Hotta attack and nearly took the three count with a big missle dropkick from the top rope, Hotta saved by Sara Del Rey at the last moment. Del Rey then went to work on Shuri and the exchange of thunderous kicks filled the Zepp with “ooohs” and “aaahs.” Del Rey was on a rampage and even went to work on Nanae for several minutes before a refreshed Kurihara equalized things when the action went outside the ring with a high flying body press on to the arena floor.

Back in the ring Shuri and Kana would decide the matter and the women traded stiff kicks that left their bodies bruised and red until finally Kana ducked a high kick and scored a takedown locking an armbar on the unsuspecting Shuri. Hotta held Nanae back as Del Rey did the same to Kurihara. Shuri tried desperately to reach the ropes but could not make it as Kana continued to apply more pressure on Shuri’s arm as a devious smile grew upon her face. Shuri finally could take now more and the referee signaled for the match to end at 19:12. Kana slammed down Shuri’s defenseless arm and stood above her, kicking at her gut as Shuri clutched her injured arm and pointing down at her, then pointing to Nanae and telling Shuri that if she continues to follow someone like Nanae then she will never be the wrestler she could be and will always be weak. Hotta and Del Rey then took a stand behind Kana as Kana stared Nanae down from inside the ring. Nanae had a few choice words for Kana as well as Ayumi helped Shuri up and back to the locker room. Kana then raised her teammates hands and nodded her approval of this first show. As Nanae was making her way to the back, Kana grabbed the microphone and challenged her to a single’s match on next week’s Golden Show. Nanae nodded her head in acceptance. Next week: Nanae Takahashi vs. Kana, one on one.

Galaxy, 4/27/11
Zepp Tokyo
“It’s Evolution, Baby!”

1. Christina Von Eerie & Madison Eagles (W) defeated Nao Komatsu (L) & Sawako Shimotsuke (12:40) when Eagles used a power bomb on Komatsu for the pin.
2. Toshie Uematsu defeated Nagisa Nozaki (8:53) with a diving body press.
3. Kyoko Kimura (W), Basara & Mima Shimoda defeated Mika Nagano, Emi Fujino & Rena (L) (14:36) when Kimura used a big boot on Rena.
4. Makoto & Ray (W) defeated Mika Nishio (L) & Takako Inoue (13:32) when Ray hit a moonsault press on Nishio.
5. Kana (W), Sara Del Rey & Yumiko Hotta defeated Nanae Takahashi, Shuri (L) & Ayumi Kurihara (19:12) when Kana used an armbar/arm breaker submission on Shuri.
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Galaxy, 5/4/11
Osaka Prefectural Gym #2
“Golden Show”

1. Bad Blood Offering: Basara & Hisae Watanabe vs. Emi Fujino & Nao Komatsu
2. International Collision: Sara Del Rey, Madison Eagles & Christina Von Eerie vs. Takako Inoue, Toshie Uematsu & Ray
3. UJWF No Limits Title Match: Makoto (c) vs. Sawako Shimotsuke
4. Attitude & Attraction Trios Match: Ayumi Kurihara (UJWF), Shuri & Mika Nagano vs. Kyoko Kimura, Mika Nishio & Nagisa Nozaki
5. Golden Dream Match: Nanae Takahashi vs. Kana


Galaxy held their second show today in Osaka, celebrating Golden Week with a “Golden Show” headlined by the highly anticipated bitter match between former tag team partners and friends and now malicious rivals, Kana and Nanae Takahashi.  Fans have speculated that the match will decide who is the true leader of Galaxy. The show kicked off with television announcers Momoe Oe and Genki Sudo welcoming the crowd and introducing the fighters for tonight’s show before taking their spots at the broadcast table. UWJF’s Ayumi Kurihara makes her second visit to Galaxy where she will team with fan favorites Shuri and Mika Nagano to take on the trio of rising star Nagisa Nozaki, Mika Nishio and Bad Blood’s Kyoko Kimura. Plus Makoto will make her first No Limits Title Defense against the young and talented Sawako Shimotsuke. All that and more on tonight’s special GOLDEN SHOW…

Basara & Hisae Watanabe  vs.  Nao Komatsu & Emi Fujino

The evening’s first match pitted Bad Blood’s Basara and Hisae Watanabe, making her official pro wrestling debut against Nao Komatsu and Emi Fujino.  Basara and Watanabe were brash and arrogant as they made their way to the ring sporting leopard print costumes and Bad Blood tee shirts that they instigated the fans with, teasing them and pretending to hand them out only to snatch them back from the disappointed fans.

The match began with Basara using her multiple skills to control Komatsu and quickly tagged in her partner to double team Nao. Eventually Nao broke free and made the tag and Fujino with some revenge on her mind after last week’s loss to Bad Blood and Watanabe’s run in, Fujino showed great spark and it looked like she had control of the match when Basara ignored the referee’s orders and entered the match to again double team their opponent, all four ladies then started brawling for a minute until referee Murayama took back control, leaving Watanabe and Komatsu as the legal fighters. It was back and forth action until Watanabe tossed Komatsu into the Bad Blood corner and Basara gave her a shot from behind, leaving Hisae Watanabe to land a devastating Super Man Punch that wobbled Komatsu. Watanabe finished her off with a spinning heel kick to secure the pin and another Bad Blood victory at 11:28.
Basara & Watanabe [W] defeat Komatsu [L] & Fujino in 11:28 after Watanabe hit Komatsu with a spinning heel kick.

Following the match rookie sensation and usually even tempered Rena came to ringside and confronted Hisae Watanabe. Last week Hisae viciously attacked Rena costing her to drop her debut match. The two had some heated words with Hisae and Basara challenging Rena to come and get them. This prompted Bad Blood's unofficial leader Kyoko Kimura to emerge from the back area and join Basara and Watanabe in the ring, holding the ropes open for Rena welcoming her into the ring to challenge all three of them. Emi Fujino and Komatsu held Rena from doing anything foolish and Rena simply smiled and told them that the time will come when Bad Blood gets what they have coming to them and although she may be young and new to this game, she will not let anyone walk all over her or make an example out of her and that Bad Blood's actions have only made her want to pursue pro wrestling even stronger and she can not wait to get another match with them and prove it.

Takako Inoue, Toshie Uematsu & Ray  vs.  Sara Del Rey, Madison Eagles & Christina Von Eerie

The next match was a huge six woman war featuring Japanese stars Takako Inoue,  royalty in the world of women’s wrestling, and her partners Toshie Uematsu and the masked marvel Ray against the top gaijin in Galaxy, The “Death Rey” Sara Del Rey, Madison “The Punisher” Eagles and “Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie.  Eerie and Ray began the festivities and it was fast paced action for several minutes with both women landing big attacks and both showing their prowess in the air. Von Eerie eventually slowed things down with some submission attempts on Ray before Ray was able to tag in Uematsu. Toshie, who Von Eerie admits is one of her ideals, did not go easy on the American and took the fight to her until Eagles bailed her out.

Eagles and Uematsu put on a show as well, the Aussie dished out a heavy beating but Uematsu took it all in and punished the Punisher right back, nearly sealing the match with a diving summersault neck breaker until Del Rey and Von Eerie broke the pin. Takako then entered and went fist to fist with Eagles and Del Rey, holding her own even against the devastating kicks of the Death Rey. Each team tagged in and out and had several close counts, Takako hit an Aurora special on Von Eerie that would have surely won the match if not for Eagles once again breaking up the count and saving her team, back and forth it went until the match came down to ..

..the upstart and exciting Ray against the bruising technician Sara Del Rey. Del Rey hit a Bridging Fallaway Slam that impressed the crowd but Ray was able  kick out just in time, though it only delayed the inevitable as Del Rey went right back to work and locked Ray in, hitting the Royal Butterfly for the sure 1-2-3 as the crowd awed at the deadly arsenal of this new gaijin star. This was a tremendous match and the force and strength of these gaijin fighters of Galaxy truly showed out tonight.
Sara Del Rey [W], Madison Eagles & Christina Von Eerie defeated Takako Inoue, Ray [L] & Toshie Uematsu in 19:44 after Sara Del Rey hit the Royal Butterfly on Ray.

UJWF No Limits Title Match: Makoto ©  vs.  Sawako Shimotsuke

What an opportunity for the young Sawako Shimotsuke tonight. She challenges the popular future star Makoto for the UWJF No Limits Championship.  A Title Makoto won just a week ago on a UJWF show. You could see how nervous Shimotsuke was upon entering the ring. This was her biggest match to date. Makoto was her usual cheerful self and displayed her title belt proudly to the Galaxy fans. The match was quick paced as Makoto used a lot of her kicks and rope to rope arsenal to keep Shimotsuke off balance and from allowing the strong Sawako from turning this into a battle of strength or grappling match. However Sawako was able to get a strong grip on Makoto who battled to break free and went for the ropes, Sawako showed that strength and tossed Makoto right over the top rope and she hit the arena floor with a loud thud. Referee Murayama warned Sawako, but this being a No Limits rules match did not penalize her for that dangerous maneuver and instead went out to check on Makoto who was slow to get up. Sawako was obviously feeling guilty and did not go for the pin, choosing to wait in the ring for Makoto to recover and continue the fight. With Referee Murayama and Makoto outside the ring and Shimotsuke looking on from the inside, out of the stands sliding into the ring and behind Shimotsuke was the devious and diminutive Chii Tomiya from UJWF, sneaking up behind Shimotsuke then releasing a blood curling scream and with an unidentified object in her fists hit Sawako with a double axe handle that knocked her lights out. Chii slithered back out of the ring and into the stands unseen by Makoto or Referee Murayama. Makoto regathered herself and entered the ring to see Sawako lying in the center of the ring unconscious. Makoto looked around confused before seizing the moment and covered Sawako for the pin. Murayama looked equally as confused but made the count 1-2-3 and Makoto retained the No Limits title in a mysterious way.
Makoto pins Shimostuke in 5:51 to retain No Limits Title

Ayumi Kurihara, Shuri & Mika Nagano  vs.  Kyoto Kimura, Nagisa Nozaki & Mika Nishio

Now it was time for the Semi-Main Event of the evening. First to the ring was the dazzling and dynamic trio of fan favorites and new generation stars, UJWF’s Ayumi Kurihara and Shuri, both dressed in their red ring attire with Mika Nagano sporting a new all white pro wrestling outfit in stead of her usual MMA gear. The ladies received a great ovation from the Osaka crowd and streamers filled the ring. Then out came the opponents as Mika Nishio and Nagisa Nozaki walked out to the ring focused and confident followed at a safe distance by Bad Blood’s Kyoko Kimura who berated some of the Osaka crowd.

The action started with Nozaki and Shuri going to battle, exchanging kicks and Nozaki trying to tie Shuri up as best she could. Both girls really seem to be raising their game and should be top fighters in the near future. Shuri’s kicks particularly thunder through Osaka Pref. Gym #2 and send Nozaki to her corner for relief.

The battle of Mikas came next with the veteran Nishio getting the early hand on Nagano. Nagano seemed timid at first and tried to throw her open handed punches as well as low kicks to fend Nishio off but the savvy veteran was able to get inside and land some elbows to Nagano and locked her in a reverese headlock, wrenching Nagano’s neck back and forth until Mika’s grappling abilities shone through, Nagano using her hips to lock Nishio in a butterfly then pulled her own head through reversing the hold and wrapping Nishio up in a triangle choke for a near submission until Nozaki broke it up. Nagano went right back on the attack and with a solid high kick dazed Nishio and Nagano quickly showed her stunning submission skills with a high flying juji-gatame that nearly snapped Nishio’s arm, luckily she was saved by a rope break and Kimura and Nozaki entered the ring to attack, giving Nishio time to slither to her corner.

Superstar Ayumi Kurihara then went forearm to forearm with Kyoko Kimura, each testing how much they could dish out and take, until both faces were bruised. Kimura finally delivery a shot that sent Kurihara down but Kurihara quickly jumped back to her feet and pumped her fists in defiance, leveling  Kimura with a running elbow strike. Kimura then rolled out of the ring where Nishio wrapped her arm around her to discuss strategy. Kurihara quickly took to the ropes and hit a plancha suicida to the outside of the ring on both Kimura and Nishio, this got the crowd pumping. Nishio jumped down to attack Kurihara but was quickly slung into the ring post by Shuri and then Mika Nagano with a running start showed off her new pro wrestling skills by hitting the bulldog on Nozaki on the arena floor. Referee Murayama finally restored order as the crowd went wild.

Back in the ring Shuri and Kimura went toe to toe with both getting a lot of offense in. Shuri took some punishment but bounced right back with a flurry of kicks and hit one booming kick to Kimura’s back as she raised up that sent her reeling. Just then from the back walked Rena. Kimura’s attention went straight for her and Rena just stood outside the ring and smiled. Kimura quickly tagged in an unsuspecting and still damaged Nozaki so she could confront Rena. Nozaki, still groggy stumbled into the ring where Shuri met her with a high kick. Nishio broke up the pin but was then dragged back out of the ring by Nagano. Rena and Kimura then began to exchange punches on the outside of the ring with Rena landing a beautiful left cross that sent Kimura down on her butt holding her chin. Inside the ring Nozaki was in bad shape, Shuri picked her up and tagged in her partner Kurihara who rushed in and hit a double knee driver for the big pin and win for her team in just over 18 minutes of heated action. Outside the ring Rena smiled at the small bit of payback she was able to put on Kimura while Nagano joined Shuri and Kurihara in the ring, all three raising their arms in victory as the crowd soaked it all up.
Kurihara [W], Shuri & Nagano beat Kimura, Nozaki [L] & Nishio in 18:12 after Kurihara used a doule knee driver to pin Nozaki.

Kana  vs.  Nanae Takahashi

The main event and a truly big one at that took place next. This was a true showcase for Galaxy to show their strength. Two big name wrestlers with a real grudge between them. Former tag team partners and now bitter rivals. Nanae Takahashi has been an established star on the scene for years and held numerous major championships as well as being the leader of several promotions along the way. Kana has solidified her position as the lone wolf of Japanese pro wrestling, the true independent spirit and self-made woman of the sport, always opinionated and garnering much attention, many fans and a lot of critics along the way. Now is her opportunity to truly claim her stake as the top star of the promotion and perhaps the sport itself, and support her claim as the “Queen of Wrestling.”

Kana was the first to make her way to the ring wearing an elegant robe and red, purple and gold ring attire as well as a towel around her neck as an homage to the great Inoki, whose spirit she exhibits in the ring. Streamers filled the ring and Kana truly looked focused. Then came Nane in her decorative attire, fist in hand ever ready to start the fight and streamers greeted her as well.

The battle begin with brutal chops by each, beating one another down like a pair of lumberjacks. Then we got a strong clothesline from Nanae. Kana followed it off the ropes with a kick then her famous hip attack. Action went to the corner with Kana landing some big kicks and uppercut. Takahashi then took control with a huge backdrop. Nanae hit a suplex then took it top rope and superplexed Kana but Kana was ever resilient and kicked out, fighting back into the match with a big running elbow strike followed by a german suplex and pin attempt and Nanae kicked out at 2.

Back and forth they battled, blow for blow, hip for hip, inside the ring and out as the crowd grew with eager anticipation. Back in the ring the match slowed a bit as the women began to grapple. Nanae locked Kana in crossface hold and applied immense pressure but was unable to force Kana to quit and slowly Kane drug them to the ropes for a break. Nanae was noticeably frustrated at Kana’s resilience, desperately wanting the win over her heated rival. Nanae followed it up with a big lariat that sent Kana crashing to the mat but once again could only get a two count before Kana wrestled a shoulder off the mat.

Kana fought back into action with some big chops then leveled Nanae with a roundhouse kick. She quickly went to the ropes and hit the flying hip attack on Nanae. Sensing her chance she crashed the ropes and nailed Nanae with a Billiken and covered her quickly…1...2.…no, Nanae then showed her resiliency and raised a shoulder. This match would go on. Kana and Nane both showed their exhauston as the clock passed 17 minutes of hard fought action and each woman was slow to get to her feet.

Nanae hit a backdrop suplex, then another. Kana kicked out. Nanae then picked Kana up and went for yet another go but this time Kana resisted, fought back..and…rolled Nanae into the…PASSION CLUTCH reminiscent of their old tag team days. Nanae was really struggling and it looked like Kana would force the submission, but Nanae would not tap and struggled to fight out of it to get a foot on the rope and break the hold. Kana, using so much energy in strength in that submission was visibly worn.  Now both women were on their knees, crwling to get at one another, slapping each other in the face time after time. Finally they stood, Kana hitting a spinning backfist and Nanae returning her own, then Nane with a lariat sent Kana back to her knees. Nanae using all her strength to rise runs and SHINING WIZARD on to Kana. , covers..1.…….Nanae up again screaming and pumping her fists, Kana desperately trying to regain her composure and Nanae sets her up once more…SHINING WIZARD yet again, covers…1.…2.…3! What an incredible match. Both women gave it their all and left everything in the ring. Nanae can barely get to her feet for Referee Murayama to raise her arm. Kana is crushed as she gets back to her knees and just holds her face in her hands, thoroughly upset with herself, she punches the mat in anger and frustration before gathering herself and looking down at the ground makes her way to the back, no eye contact made to anyone. Nanae can barely hold herself up in the corner, as her friend Momoe Oe leaves the broadcast table to help her friend in the ring and raises her hand in victory in what has to be one of  Takahashi’s toughest fought and greatest victories.
Nanae Takahashi pins Kana in 21:05 following a pair of shining wizards


Galaxy, 5/4/11
Osaka Prefectural Gym #2
“Golden Show”

1. Bad Blood Offering: Basara & Hisae Watanabe [W] defeated Emi Fujino & Nao Komatsu [L] (11:28) when Watanabe hit a spinning heel kick on Komatsu.
2. International Collision: Sara Del Rey [W], Madison Eagles & Christina Von Eerie beat Takako Inoue, Toshie Uematsu & Ray [L] (19:44) when Del Rey used the Royal Butterfly on Ray for the pin.
3. UJWF No Limits Title Match: Makoto (c) pinned Sawako Shimotsuke (5:51) to retain No Limits Title.
4. Attitude & Attraction Trios Match: Ayumi Kurihara [W], Shuri & Mika Nagano vs. Kyoko Kimura, Mika Nishio & Nagisa Nozaki [L] (18:12) after Kurihara used a Double Knee Driver to pin Nozaki.
5. Golden Dream Match: Nanae Takahashi pinned Kana (21:05) following a pair of shining wizards.


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Galaxy, 5/11/11
Shinjuku Face
“Feel the Passion”

1. Shuri & Emi Fujino vs. Toshie Uematsu & Mika Nishio
2. Makoto, Ray & Sawako Shimotsuke vs. Madison Eagles, Christina Von Eerie & Nao Komatsu
3. Takako Inoue vs. Nagisa Nozaki
4. Kana, Rena, Mio Shirai (NFW) & Io Shirai (NFW) vs. Kyoko Kimura, Basara, Hisae Watanabe & Sayuri Okino (FREE)
5. Nanae Takahashi vs. Sara Del Rey
*Special Announcement


Galaxy made their debut at wrestling hotbed Shinjuku Face this afternoon. Galaxy announcer and representative, as well as legendary wrestler, Momoe Oe welcomed the crowd and promised an exciting show this evening with a big main event featuring Sara Del Rey against Nanae Takahashi followed by an important announcement. Chiharu Ono then entered the ring to introduce the fighter for the first match…

Shuri & Emi Fujino  vs.  Mika Nishio & Toshie Uematsu

This was a fun and fast paced match with the striking and grappling prowess of Shuri and Fujino mixing it up with the versatile abilities of veterans Toshie and Nishio. Shuri had a near fall after leveling Nishio with a thunderous high kick and Fujino nearly pulled off a heel hook submission on Uematsu but in the end, the veterans prevailed with Toshie Uematsu pinning Fujino following s sheerdrop brain buster.
Uematsu [W] & Nishio beat Fujino [L] & Shuri (9:43) after Uematsu used a Sheerdrop Brainbuster on Fujino

Makoto, Ray & Sawako Shimotsuke  vs.  Madison Eagles, Christina Von Eerie & Nao Komatsu

The Gaijin heavy team took early control in this match with Eagles and Von Eerie both using power and brutal strikes to work over Ray and Makoto and even included Komatsu in some triple team opportunities. Makoto and Ray then showed their own tag team chemistry by getting the best of Von Eerie with springboard moves and a string off top rope attacks with Ray and Makoto both moonsaulting the Princess of Punk followed by a big elbow drop from Sawako that nearly got the fall. Eagles and Komatsu battled back into the match but in the end Sawako took her first victory in this promotion with a a huge lariat that nearly decapitated Komatsu and after the match Von Eerie and Eagles both slapped Komatsu around for losing the battle while Sawako and Makoto shook hands which was a good sign after their controversial No Limits title match a week ago.
Ray, Makoto & Shimotsuke [W] beat Von Eerie, Eagles & Komatsu [L] (11:38) after Shimotsuke used a lariat on Komatsu

Takako Inoue  vs.  Nagisa Nozaki[/u]

Nozaki was given another opportunity to shine this evening against the veteran star Takako Inoue, Japanese Wrestling Royalty. The crowd got into the match as both these women seemed to have their supporters and Nagisa used an array of kicks for a solid showing but it was not enough to upset the beautiful but dangerous Takako Inoue, who finally had enough and finished Nozaki with a pair of grounded enziguris following up with a dragon sleeper for the submission win.
Inoue submitted Nozaki (8:29) with a dragon sleeper

Kana, Rena, Mio Shirai & Io Shirai  vs.  Kyoko Kimura, Basara, Hisae Watanabe & Sayuri Okino

The next battle reunited Kana with her Triple Tails partners Mio and Io Shirai, now full time members of NFW.  Their team also included rookie sensation Rena who trained diligently this week with Triple Tails in preparation for the match.  Their opponents would consist of the rule breaking faction Bad Blood - Kyoko Kimura, Basara and kickboxing and MMA star Hisae Watanabe - as well as the Kendo master and wrestling veteran Sayuri Okino.  Bad Blood has had it in for Rena since her signing was announced but now they will face not only the young star but one of wrestling’s most notorious and popular factions in their own right, Triple Tails.

The match was non stop excitement with lots of run ins, some kendo shots from Okino and even one from Rena once she took the Kendo stick away and blistered the backs of Basara and Watanabe with it. Referee Murayama barely maintained control of the match as the action in and out of the ring was too much for any one official to control. The match was decided when Rena and Kana forced Kimura and Basara to the outside and left the NFW Tag Team Champs in the ring against Okino and Watanabe. The Purple Thunder Sisters did what they do best and their chemistry prevailed, Io hitting a big moonsault on Watanabe, clearing the ring for Mio to STO Okino for the win.
Kana, Rena, Mio Shirai [W] & Io Shirai beat Kimura, Basara, Watanabe &  Okino [L] (18:13) after Mio used and STO on Okino

Following the match, Bad Blood was upset and wanted to continue to fight. After cooler heads prevailed, Kyoko Kimura and Basara went eye to eye with the Shirai Sisters and challenged them to a match. The Shirai Sisters did not back down with Kana telling Bad Blood “anytime, anywhere.” Bad Blood slithered off to the back as Rena and Triple Tails celebrated their victory in the ring to the crowd.

Nanae Takahashi  vs.  Sara Del Rey

The main event was a huge solo battle between Takahashi, who after a win over Kana last week has established herself as Galaxy’s top native talent, and the undefeated gaijin Sara Del Rey. This match did not disappoint with stiff action from the get go. Both women used most of their arsenal and each secured close submissions and countless near pin falls until finally, to the surprise of much of the Shinuku Face audience, Sara Del Rey aka “Death Rey” laid it on Nanae with a Northern Lights Suplex, 2 count then followd it with a huge German Suplex…Nanae rallied and connected on a big western lariat, Stan Hansen style, but Del Rey popped right back up, another german suplex and finally a big power bomb for the 1-2-3 and startling victory that firmly established this gaijin as the woman to beat in Galaxy.
Del Rey pinned Takahashi (17:52) following a Powerbomb

Genki Sudo then entered the ring following the main event with an official statement. Galaxy is proud to announce that they will crown their first champion on June 1st.  This new Title, the first ever for the promotion, will be called the “Queen of Galaxy” and will be decided in a 16 woman, single elimination tournament, starting next Tuesday and Wednesday when Galaxy storms into Shin-Kiba First Ring. The Quarter-Finals will take place the following week at Zepp Tokyo with the Semi-Finals and Final, the coronation of the Queen, happening June 1st when Galaxy makes it’s first visit to historic Tokyo Korakuen Hall.  The official tournament selection will be announced later this week. Make way for The Queen!


Galaxy, 5/11/11
Shinjuku Face
“Feel the Passion”

1. Toshie Uematsu [W] & Mika Nishio defeated Shuri & Emi Fujino [L] (9:43) when Uematsu used Sheerdrop Brainbuster on Fujino
2. Makoto, Ray & Sawako Shimotsuke [W] defeated Madison Eagles, Christina Von Eerie & Nao Komatsu [L] (11:38) after Shimotsuke used a Lariat on Komatsu
3. Takako Inoue submitted Nagisa Nozaki (8:29) with a dragon sleeper
4. Kana, Rena, Mio Shirai [W] & Io Shirai defeated Kyoko Kimura, Basara, Hisae Watanabe & Sayuri Okino [L] (18:13) after Mio Shirai used an STO on Okino
5. Sara Del Rey pinned Nanae Takahashi (17:52) following a Powerbomb
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GALAXY "House Show" Quick Results

Galaxy, 5/17/11
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
“Galaxy in the House Vol. 1”

1. Kyoko Kimura [W] & Hisae Watanabe defeated Nao Komatsu [L] & Emi Fujino (9:34) by pinfall after Kimura used a big boot on Komatsu.
2. QoG Rd1: Sawako Shimotsuke pinned Madison Eagles (10:15) following a lariat.
3. QoG Rd1: Takako Inoue defeated Eiger (FREE) (8:20) by countout.
4. QoG Rd1: Sara Del Rey pinned Makoto (7:51) following a high kick and outside interference from Eiger.
5. QoG Rd1: Kana pinned Basara (13:06) with a wheelbarrow german suplex.

-Quick Summary can be found on THE SOURCE website-
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Galaxy, 5/18/11
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
“Road to Queendom, Part 1”

1. Christina Von Eerie vs. Nao Komatsu
2. QoG Rd1: Toshie Uematsu vs. Apple Miyuki (NFW)
3. QoG Rd1: Ray vs. Shuri
4. Kyoko Kimura & Basara vs. Kana & Rena
5. QoG Rd1: Yoshiko Tamura (UJWF) vs. Mika Nishio
6. QoG Rd1: Nanae Takahashi vs. Haruka Matsuo (NFW)


Galaxy was back at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring this evening for their televised event "Road to Queendom, Part 1." Four ladies have already advanced to the semi-finals of the Queen of Galaxy Title Tournament after yesterday's show. Now four more will make it one step closer to becoming Galaxy's first Champion. Chiharu Ono welcomed the Shin-Kiba crowd and introduced the night's first match, a non-tournament bout...

Christina Von Eerie  vs.  Nao Komatsu

Von Eerie was accompanied to the ring by fellow gaijin Madison Eagles who was upset yesterday in her Queen of Galaxy First Round Match to newcomer Sawako Shimotsuke.  [HIGHLIGHTS SHOWN OF YESTERDAYS SAWAKO SHIMOTSUKE TOURNAMENT WIN OVER MADISON EAGLES] Madison and "Punk Princess" Christina Von Eerie also have made some rather malicious comments about tonight's opponent Nao Komatsu, the tiny ball of pure energy, blaming her for their six woman tag loss a week ago. Von Eerie was relentless and immedately used her size and strength to her advantage, bashing Komatsu with forearms and hammer shots before taking her outside the ring and hitting a piledriver on the arena floor. Outside even Madison Eagles got in a shot, dropping Komatsu with an illegal soccer kick as she tried to pick herself off the arena floor. Eagles quickly lifted a beaten up Komatsu off the floor and rolled her back into the ring where the Punk Princess finished her off officially with a doubleknee facebuster for the dominating win.
Von Eerie defeated Komatsu (4:48)  with a Double Knee Facebuster

Queen of Galaxy Tournament Rd 1:  Toshie Uematsu  vs.  Apple Miyuki

NFW's Apple Miyuki made her first appearance in Galaxy tonight.  She has been on a strong run of late and is a darkhorse favorite to make a big run in this tournament.  She is matched up with Galaxy's veteran wildchild herself, Toshie Uematsu.  These women battled it out with a brutal, almost hardcore styling mixed in with some high flying aerial action. The two went back and forth, leaving it all in the ring and showed huge heart and never give up attitude, Toshie landed a top rope elbow that nearly won the match but in the end Miyuki proved the scrappier fighter, going toe to toe, fist to fist and turnbuckle to turnbuckle with Toshie and snuck out the win with a victory roll for the huge victory and right to advance to next week's quarter-final.
Miyuki pinned Uematsu (12:21) with a victory roll


Queen of Galaxy Tournament Rd 1:  Ray  vs.  Shuri

Next came a bout featuring two of Galaxy's most promising and popular fighters, the high flying masked woman known as Ray and the charismatic Karate Girl Shuri. The two shook hands before the match and wished eachother luck.  Ray showed off her high flying arsenal of death defying moves while Shuri kept her distance as best she could, closing in and landing some big strikes and hitting some sharp suplexes from time to time. The match came down to Ray landing a springboard front kick and hurricanrana that sent Shuri to the mat. Ray quickly tried to seize the opportunity and went to the top rope attempting a huge moonsault that would have ended the match for certain but Shuri was attentive enough to slide out of the way at the last moment causing Ray to crash hard to the naked mat. Ray seemed to have hit her elbow hard on the mat and quickly grabbed it, expressing serious pain even through her mask. Shuri unaware of the injury pounced on the opportunity herself, landing a crisp roundhouse kick on that elbow as Ray got to her feet, sending her right back to the mat in pain as Shuri covered for the pin and the victory. After the match Shuri realized that Ray was injured and tried to help her up but Ray shover her off, looking angry at the loss and Shuri for taking advantage of the situation. The ladies seemed to have words in the middle of the ring until Makoto, Ray's tag team partner, came to ringside and calmed Ray down, explaining to her that it was an accident and finally talked Ray into reluctantly shaking Shuri's hand and congratulating her on the win. Makoto then helped Ray out of the ring to put ice on that injured elbow. Shuri advances in the tournament.
Shuri defeats Ray (9:32) with a Roundhouse Kick


Kana & Rena  vs.  Kyoko Kimura & Basara

Bad Blood came to the ring in their Black faction tee shirts carrying, Kimura carrying a sheathed sword and Basara a kendo stick pointing them at fans as they made their way to the ring. Next came Rena who appeared extremely energetic and excited to get back in the ring with Bad Blood, the faction that has hounded her since her pro wrestling debut and this week she teams up with one of Galaxy's biggest stars, the self-titled "Queen of Wrestling," Kana. The action heated up fast with Basara and Rena squaring off and the youngster Rena looking to get the upperhand with a lightning fast exchange of punches that sent Basara reeling. Kimura joined the action and a double team evened the playing field. Then it came down to a match up the Galaxy fans have been waiting to see, the sadistic, hardcore, rule breaking Kyoko Kimura against the stiff, strike master and supremely confident Kana and what a battle the had, using the entire arena as a battleground and pounding away at one another, leaving the other bruised and reddened from the punishment. The two wore one another down to they were both lying in the ring, struggling to keep going and made simultaneous tags. Rena and Basara went right back at it and the flurry of strikes from young Rena seemed to be enough, especially when she hit a running flying knee that crushed Basara's chin but before she could make the pin, Bad Blood was back to their usual tactics as Hisae Watanabe came into the ring unnoticed with the kendo stick and struck Rena across the back with a painful wack. Referee Murayama noticed the attack and quickly called for the bell as Hisae slithered out of the ring with Basara. At ringside the Bad Blood faction seemed to gloat about what they had just done. Kana helped Rena up.

Rena was furious and got on the mic, telling Hisae Watanabe that she aligned herself with the wrong group, that they are jealous and weak to resort to those types of actions and that if she really wants to be a real fighter then to meet her in the ring, one on one. Rena challenged Hisae Watanabe to match for Queendom '11 on June 1st, and said she wants it to be No Excuses and No Disqualifications, that she will be prepared for anything Watanabe can throw at her. Hisae Watanabe smiled and nodded her head in acceptance. Kana then took the mic and called out Bad Blood, calling them the lowest of the low and they are exactly what is wrong with women's wrestling today. She said that wrestlers can be brutal and relentless and have bad attitudes to get what they want, but Kimura and Basara are doing it all wrong. Kana says she knows a duo of ladies that do bad the right way and that Mio and Io Shirai, that Triple Tails would show Bad Blood how real bitch factions should be and if they are not afraid, that at Queendom '11 Triple Tails would be glad to show them. Kyoko Kimura did not respond but showed her teeth and angrily hurried Basara and Watanabe to the back.
Kana & Rena defeat Kyoko Kimura & Basara (13:40) by disqualification due to outside interference

Queen of Galaxy Rd 1:  Yoshiko Tamura  vs.  Mika Nishio

The next tournament match followed and it would be a contest between former champions in their own rights as UJWF's Yoshiko Tamura entered the galaxy ring to square off with Mika Nishio.  Tamura came to the ring in her patented sunglasses and even threw the pair out into the Shin-Kiba crowd to a lucky spectator as a souvenir for her first Galaxy visit. The two women put on a show and used a lot of great grappling, showcasing their pro wrestling skills in the night's technical  treasure. Tamura eventually wore Nishio out and after a few failed submission attempts she unleashed a nasty barrage of elbow strikes that clearly bruised Nishio's face as Tamura finally finished Nishio off with an Elbow Smash that would've put a dent in a concrete wall. Tamura got the pin and clear victory in under ten minutes and looks to be a huge contender for this title tournament.
Tamura defeated Nishio (9:13) with an Elbow Smash

Queen of Galaxy Rd 1:  Nanae Takahashi  vs.  Haruka Matsuo

The main event of the evening featured Galaxy's current top Japanese born fighter Nane Takahashi against a star of NFW, Haruka Matsuo.  Both women are beloved by fans of the sport and are past champions of other promotions. Matsuo entered the ring to pink streamers with Nanae filled it up with red streamers.  The match did not disappoint as Matsuo quicly went on the attack and used a wide array of fast paced and areial moves, some big elbows of her own to keep Nanae off balance.  Nanae got in her own assortment of tosses and power based moves that kept Matsuo at bay.  The match lived up to its top billing as Matsuo nearly won the fall on several occassions and near the end with both ladies weathered from intense action, Haruka showed great resolve and found strenght connecting with a dragon suplex hold that had Referee Murayama just centimeters from a three count before Nanae somehow rolled out. Nanae's survival was just enough as moments later, the tired fighters would finish the match with Nanae finally using the Nana Racker for the win in nearly 17 minutes of exciting action to move on in the tournament. A great showing from Matsuo and both ladies received a lot of love from the Galaxy crowd. Matsuo and Nanae respectfully shook and bowed to one another following the match. Nanae then got on the mic and thanked the crowd and hoped the enjoyed the event, saying that Haruka was a great opponent and she hopes they can face off again someday and reminded the crowd that next week the tournament continues and that she plans towin it all and become the first Queen of Galaxy on June 1st.
Takahashi defeated Matsuo (16:37) with a Nana Racker


Galaxy, 5/18/11
Shin-Kiba 1st Ring
“Road to Queendom, Part 1”

1. Christina Von Eerie defeated Nao Komatsu (4:48) with double knee-breaker
2. QoG Rd1: Apple Miyuki defeated Toshie Uematsu (12:21) with a victory roll
3. QoG Rd1: Shuri defeated Ray (9:32) with a roundhouse kick
4. Kana & Rena defeated Kyoko Kimura & Basara (13:40) by disqualification due to outside interference
5. QoG Rd1: Yoshiko Tamura defeated Mika Nishio (9:13) with an elbow smash
6. QoG Rd1: Nanae Takahashi defeated Haruka Matsuo (16:37) with a Nana Racker


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Galaxy, 5/25/11
Zepp Tokyo
“Road to Queendom, Part 2”

1. Aikawa Debut Match: Yuzuki Aikawa, Makoto & Emi Fujino vs. Toshie Uematsu, Mika Nishio & Nao Komatsu
2. QoG Quarter-Final Match: Sawako Shimotsuke vs. Nanae Takahashi
3. QoG Quarter-Final Match: Sara Del Rey vs. Shuri
4. QoG Quarter-Final Match: Kana vs. Apple Miyuki (NFW)
5. QoG Quarter-Final Match: Takako Inoue vs. Yoshiko Tamura (UJWF)

Galaxy held their lead in event to June 1st's Queendom '11.  The promotion returned to the Zepp Tokyo for quarter-final action of the Queen of Galaxy Title Tournament. Eight ladies remain but only one will be crowned the Queen of Galaxy at Queendom '11. Also debuting for Galaxy in the opening tag team match up is former bikini idol and busty heart breaker Yuzuki Aikawa. She teams up with young starlet Makoto and MMA star Emi Fujino to face the veteran duo of Mika Nishio and Toshie Uematsu with sparkplug Nao Komatsu joining their side.

Match One:  Yuzuki Aikawa, Makoto & Emi Fujino  vs.  Mike Nishio, Toshie Uematsu & Nao Komatsu

Aikawa went right to work, starting the match to the crowd's delight and showing her newly polished pro wrestling moves. She even showcased her Yuzopon Kick that floored Komatsu and would have secured the pin had not Uematsu made the save. Makoto and Uematsu battled it out, neither woman giving in and Makoto holding her own against the proven veteran, garnering much respect, but in the end it was Mika Nishio with double team help from Toshie Uematsu that stole the win with a on Emi Fujino, who just seconds before had Nishio in a deadly triangle choke that was also broken up by Uematsu's entering the ring. That led to Nishio's Falcon Arrow for the finish. The veterans prevail but an oustanding showing from newcomer Aikawa delighted the crowd.
Nishio (W), Uematsu & Komatsu defeat Aikawa, Makoto & Fujino (L) (13:29) when Nishio used a Falcon Arrow on Fujino

Match Two - Queen of Galaxy Quarter-Final #1: Sawako Shimotsuke  vs.  Nanae Takahashi

Shimotsuke suprised everyone last week by upsetting Madison Eagles to advance in the tournament. Could she have one more shocker up her sleeve? This week she would face one of the big favorites to win the tournament in Nanae Takahashi, coming off a hard fought victory over Haruka Matsuo. Sawako went for it right from the start throwing everything at Nanae and landing some big shots including running knees, hammer punches and a big elbow that opened Nanae's forehead. Sawako was going for the kill. It seems the blood woke Takahashi and from then on she dominated the match and was relentless in her beating of the yourn Sawako. Nanae finally finishing her with a thudding belly to back suplex for the pin and the win. Takahashi makes the final four. An outstanding effort from the young Shimotsuke though as she showed much heart, determination and potential in this tournament.
Takahashi beat Shimtosuke (7:25) with a belly-to-back suplex

Match Three - Queen of Galaxy Quarter-Final #2: Shuri  vs.  Sara Del Rey

Shuri advanced last week by defeating the high flying Ray in which she unintentionally injured the masked star.  This week she will get no sympathies from the American dynamo Sara "Death Rey" Del Rey, who has been on an impressive streak here in Galaxy and one of the heavy favorites to win the tournament. Shuri looked a bit timid coming to the ring, perhaps thoughts of her injuring Ray still lingered, nevertheless Death Rey went to work ferociously on Shuri, winning an exchange of leg kicks and quickly unleashing a relentless barrage of punches and forearms to Shuri, pulling her hair and slinging her from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Shuri made a valiant comeback attempt as the beating fueled her emotion and she attacked Del Rey with her won onslaught of kicks and knees until finally, as if running out of gas, Shuri's kicks did not have that same force and Del Rey caught her by the leg, connected with a forearm and lifted her into a powerbomb for the pin and the win. Death Rey will move on.
Del Rey beat Shuri (8:44) with a powerbomb

Following the match, Makoto came to the ring and helped Shuri recover. Makoto then spoke to Shuri on the mic telling her that she forgives Makoto for injuring her tag team partner Ray last week and that she knows it was only an accident. She says that since Ray is out that she needs help taking on Eiger and Sayuri Okino's team at Queendom '11 and hopes that Shuri will join her and Hikaru Shida for that match. Shuri accepts and now Makoto's team is formed.

Match Four - Queen of Galaxy Quarter-Final #3: Kana  vs.  Apple Miyuki

Apple Miyuki has been on a roll lately in NFW and last week with a big win over Toshie Uematsu.  This week the self-titled "Queen of All Wrestling" Kana looks for redemption for her promotion. Miyuki looked at ease and happy to get in a battle of strikes and elbows with Kana, the two hammering away at one another over the opening minutes of the match. This match was non stop action, both women landing huge shots, big kicks, huge elbows and fists and it looked liek a straight slug fest, a street fight even. eventually Kana got the better of Miyuki as the heavy emphasis on striking really lent to her abilities and as both women wore down, it was Kana able to connect with her famously devastating Billiken for the win. Kana moves on to the semi-finals but Apple Miyuki has proven she is a true contender to the sports elite fighters.
Kana beat Miyuki (9:04) with a Billiken

Match Five - Queen of Galaxy Quarter-Final #4: Takako Inoue  vs.  Yoshiko Tamura

The night's main event featured two of pro wrestling's toughest and most popular fighters, as well as most successful.  Over the years these two women have won titles everywhere they have competed, but tonight only one would advance to the Fianl Four of the Queen of Galaxy Tournament. UJWF outsider Yoshiko Tamura came to the ring first in her patented blue robe and dark glasses, her hair streaked blue.  Then came the elegant yet brutal beauty dressed in a mixture of black and white that fits her persona, Takako Inoue looking for one more title to hang on her mantel.

The match started off a bit slow with both women showing great respect to the other. The pace picked up a few minutes in as both laid it all out there, connecting on an array of strikes, allowing the other to lay it on as best they could and see how much they could take. Takako won the first battle fo wills and with Tamura down, quickly went to work with an assortment of knees and kicks that would have even made Tamura proud. Tamura bruised up good fought back, connecting with several big elbow strikes that took Takako down a notch. Each woman attempted a submission hold and the fight was back and forth to the delight of the crowd, both women appearing on the verge of victory several times until finally Tamura hit a pair of elbow smashes that garnered long two counts finally resorting to using her finisher, The Patriot Buster but Takako Elbowed free and landing a high kick that sent Tamura back against the ropes, Takako swinging away with another high kick that Tamura ducked under, leaving Takako open and Tamura grabbed her, this time successfully performing the Patriot Buster for the 1-2-3 and tough victory to advance on to Queendom '11.
Tamura beat Inoue (15:03) with a Patriot Buster

So now the final four is set as Kana will face UJWF's Yoshiko Tamura in the first semi-final and Nanae Takahahsi will battle gajin force Sara Del Rey, who recently defeated Takahashi one on one, in the other semi final match. It all goes down next week at QUEENDOM '11 when the Queen of Galaxy will be crowned.

Galaxy, 5/25/11
Zepp Tokyo
“Road to Queendom, Part 2”

1. Aikawa Debut Match: Toshie Uematsu, Mika Nishio (W) & Nao Komatsu d. Yuzuki Aikawa, Makoto & Emi Fujino (L) (13:29) when Nishio used a Falcon Arrow on Fujino
2. QoG QF Match: Nanae Takahashi d. Sawako Shimotsuke (7:25) with a belly-to-back suplex
3. QoG QF Match: Sara Del Rey d. Shuri (8:44) with a power-bomb
4. QoG QF Match: Kana d. Apple Miyuki (NFW) (9:04) with a Billiken
5. QoG QF Match: Yoshiko Tamura (UJWF) d. Takako Inoue (15:03) with a Patriot Buster
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Welcome to Queendom '11, the biggest event of the year in women's professional wrestling.  Tonight, the very best athletes in the sport will meet in historic Korakuen Hall, hailing from Galaxy, UJWF, NFW, WJP and from around the world. We will crown the very first Queen of Galaxy right here tonight! Four women have fought their way through the toughest tournament on the planet to get here tonight.  Yoshiko Tamura, Nanae Takahashi, Kana and Sara Del Rey...who will be crowned Queen of Galaxy? Found!

 - Hisae Watanabe  vs.  Rena -

It is time for our first match of the evening. This one has been a long time coming. Ever since Rena entered professional wrestling, Bad Blood has made it their personal mission to see she fails. They even recruited her shootboxing rival Hisae Watanabe to join their ranks and now it has come to this, Rena will face Bad Blood's Hisae Watanabe in an anything goes, no DQ bout. Bad Blood has been notorious for interfering in matches and deciding the outcomes through outside attacks, well tonight - that's legal! How will Rena overcome the odds?....we're about to found out, now let's go to Chiharu Ono for our wrestler announcements.

Hisae Watanabe comes out first. She is escorted to the ring by her Bad Blood sisters Kyoko Kimura and Basara, who will challenge for the NFW Tag Team Titles later on tonight, but as she enters the ring she signals for her fellow Bad Blood mates to head to the back, saying she can handle Rena all by herself. Kimura and Basara shrug but agree and head backstage, harassing the Korakuen faithful on their way back.

Then out came Rena to huge applause. The youngster will celebrate her 20th birthday later this month. Rena waits at the entrance and smiles. It seems she has brought some backup of her own. Out comes UJWF's Amazing Kong! The monstrous dynamo accompanies Rena to the ring and it looks like Rena has brought some insurance of her own in the form of the world's toughest bodyguard, Kong! Hisae is shocked and she is arguing with the ref to have Amazing Kong thrown out but referee Murayama insists that this is an anything goes match and Amazing Kong is completely legal to be there.

Bad Blood then reappears from backstage but Kimura and Basara are hesitant to come any closer with Amazing Kong blocking the pathway to the ring. Hisae Watanabe shouts to them and motions for them to run on in but Kimura and Basara just look at one another like "no way" and then saunter back through the curtain and out of sight as Amazing Kong smiles and Rena looks on at Hisae with a devilish grin. Referee Murayama calls for the bell to start the match.

Rena quickly goes to work on Hisae and decimates her with an array of kicks, focusing on her legs and midkicks that bruise her side and eventually connects with a liver kick that sends Hisae to the ground. Watanabe then fights back and pulls at Rena's hair, grabbing a braided lock and pulls her to the mat as well rubbing her elbow in Rena's face. Eventually Rena rolls out of the ring and away from Hisae who follows after her but as soon as she exits the ring she finds herself face-to-face with the gigantic Amazing Kong. Hisae lifts up her hands and pleads for Kong to let her be but Kong chuckles and grabs Hisae by the hair and then smashes her pretty face into the side of the ring. Rena rushes in and lands a devastating soccer kick on Hisae while she is on her knees that looks to have knocked her out. Amazing Kong then rolls Hisae back into the ring as Rena takes to the top rope to show off her new pro-wrestling skills and after saluting the crowd, Rena lands a moonsault on the battered Hisae for the 1-2-3 and the win.

WINNER: Rena (by pin following a moonsault in 8:44)

After the match Rena bows to Amazing Kong and thanks her for her help, She then grabs the mic and speaks to her nemesis Hisae Watanabe who struggles to pull herself up off the mat, "Hisae, I have to say I quite enjoyed that and I believe these great fans here did too, maybe even more than I have.  But now that part is over and where do we go from here? You and I have a history together and it has come to this, look at us now. Is this what you want?  I love fighting and I in no way dishonor this great sport that is my passion and my life. I know I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn, I know who I am Hisae. Now look at you, what happened to you?  I know you are a fighter with great spirit deep down but you have gone astray.  You were one of the women I idolized and modeled myself after.  I looked up to you but now you show no honor and aligning yourself with Bad Blood, where has that taken you?  Where were they when the playing field was even? Where were they tonight? Hisae, find that spirit within you. Be who you can be, who you should be, the woman I wanted to be when I was training to be a fighter.  This thing between us is settled as far as I am concerned. I have nothing more to prove to you...but now....prove to me that you Hisae Watanabe are the fighter that these people here in Korakuen Hall remember, the one that doesn't need Bad Blood to do her bidding. Prove to me, no prove to yourself that you are still the great fighter that we all cheered for all those years, the one that fights her way, for herself, for the glory and for the passion of the sport."

Rena reaches her hand out to Hisae to help her up off the mat. Hisae looks around at the crowd and at Amazing Kong who nods in her direction.....and she takes Rena's hand and bows in respect to the young fighter, then the two women embrace in a hug in the center of the ring. Hisae goes to her corner and grabs her black Bad Blood Tee-Shirt and throws it into the crowd and smiles at Rena. It seems that Hisae Watanabe is no longer Bad Blood, we will have to see what lies ahead for this legendary fighter. What a win for young Rena who exits the arena slapping hands with the fans.

- Kana  vs.  Yoshiko Tamura -

Here we go. This has been a strong tournament so far and four worthy women remain. In the first semi-final, we will have former NEO Ace and long time champion Yoshiko Tamura, now competing for UJWF on one side and the leader of Triple Tails, the self-titled Queen of All Wrestling, the World Famous Kana on the other, seeking her first major world singles title right here tonight.

The crowd was pumped for this huge inter-promotional match with so much on the line. These women have clashed in the past with Tamura successfully defending her NEO belts before, but Kana has since ascended to the very top of the sport right along side the legendary Tamura and tonight would be her greatest opportunity. The action started methodically slow. Both women feeling one another out and each making certain to reserve some of their energy as the winner will have to compete again later tonight with the Title on the line.  The match developed into an exchange of classic grappling holds and safe submission attempts. The tension built as the women past the ten minute mark when things amped up. Now Tamura and Kana exchanged violent strikes, kicks, elbows and matching spinning backfists. Blood could be seen on the lip of Tamura and slight bruising around Kana's cheek. The battle then heated up even greater as the women tested one another with open handed slaps and then started using slams and each hit big german suplexes on the other finally Kana hit a big running elbow for a two count followed by Tamura using a double underhook DDT for her own long two count. Kana got back in the fight with her patented top rope hip attack that nearly the pin, Tamura matching it with some elbows and a concrete slam that looked to finish the fight but the resilient Kana would not stay down. A frustrated Tamura then shoved Kana in the corner and attacked her with repeated kneescrapes that looked to have cut Kana in the face but the blood in her eyes only seemed to pump Kana up and Kana fought back with a huge roundhouse kick followed by a shoot kick and a billiken for the long 2 count. Finally Kana picked Tamura up and hit a jaw-breaking reverse roundhouse kick that sent Tamura to the mat and Kana covered quickly for the 1-2-3 for the win, perhaps the biggest of her career with one more that awaits.

WINNER: Kana (by pin following a reverse roundhouse kick in 19:43)

Following the match Tamura and Kana showed one another respect after such a hard fought and close battle. Tamura looked outstanding during the tournament and I am sure Galaxy fans look forward to seeing more of this great fighter down the road.  Kana will now await the winner of Del Rey vs. Takahashi later tonight with Galaxy's most prestigious championship on the line.

- Sara Del Rey  vs.  Nanae Takahashi -

The remaining semi-final took place next. This would decide who would face Kana later tonight for the Queen of Galaxy Championship.  These two women are arguably the most dominating forces in pro wrestling today. Nanae Takahashi has competed at the highest level of the sport for a decade and claimed titles from every promotion she has competed for. Sara Del Rey has dominated the American wrestling scene and now has cemented her place as a Gaijin Ace in Japan, currently undefeated in Galaxy and just a few weeks ago...the woman known as Death Rey defeated Nanae Takahashi in a one on one match. Could she do it again or will Takahashi claim sweet redemption here tonight?

The match starts off in a flury with both women throwing everything at the other. Del Rey sees this as her greatest opportunity and Nanae has revenge on her mind. These women are holding nothing back. Del Rey hits a big clothesline that puts Nanae on her back, then Nanae gets to her feet and strikes back with a lariat of her own. The women battle it out, Nanae using her forearms and Sara mixing in a lot of strong kicks, the action even busts out of the ring to give the ringside fans some close up action. Back in the ring Sara whips Nanae into the corner and follows up with a painful hip attack, shades of Kana herself and as Nanae crumbles to the mat, Sara Del Rey circles the ring talking smack to the fans and shouting something derogatory about Kana and how Death Rey is the true "Queen of Wrestling." Back on her feet Nanae surprises Sara with an enziguiri and attempts the quick cover, nearly stealing the win.

The women go back and forth past the 14 minute mark when Sara catches Nanae in a powerbomb and slams her for a long two count, but again Nanae fires back and hits another enziguiri and with Del Rey lying on the mat, Nanee steps to the second rope and lands on Del Rey with a big reverse splash for the two count. Del Rey back up attempts a roundhouse but Nanae catches it and hits Sara with a thunderous Lariat, then quickly Nanae picks Sara up and....Iku Bomb! Nanae goes for the pin...1...2...3! Nane Takahashi has avenged her loss and now once again she will face her former tag team partner and now bitter rival in the ultimate grudge match...for the Queen of Galaxy Title!

WINNER: Nanae Takahashi (by pin following an Iku Bomb in 15:27)

Sara Del Rey is visably upset with the result and storms out of the ring. She can not even make eye contact with the Korakuen fans. It seems this first Galaxy loss is difficult for the Death Rey to take. Galaxy television analyst Momoe Oe steps out from behind the broadcast table and congratulates her friend and former partner Nanae Takahashi after the match and wishes her luck in the championship final.

- Makoto, Shuri & Hikaru Shida  vs.  Eiger, Sayuri Okino & X -

- Mika Nagano  vs. Jenny Sjodin -

- Aja Kong, Yuzuki Aikawa, Takako Inoue & Madison Eagles  vs.  Azumi Hyuga, Ayumi Kurihara, Toshie Uematsu & Serena Deeb -

- Mio Shirai & Io Shirai  vs.  Kyoko Kimura & Basara -

- Kana  vs.  Nanae Takahashi -

-results pending-

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