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The SOURCE has received the results of NFW's latest show, "Cage Carnage in Chiba," which featured ALL matches inside a steel cage:

Event - "Cage Carnage in Chiba"

Place - Chiba Port Arena Sub Arena (1,100 paid of 1,600 capacity)

Date - June 26

1) Aika Ando defeated Shu Shibutani in 8:20 with the Side Death Valley Driver! No blood was shed in this match.

2) Ayako Hamada defeated Manami Toyota in 12:38 with the Hamada Driver! Both wrestlers bled & it was an amazing match, with some great chain wrestling mixing with brawling. The crowd was very much into the match & both wrestlers had their share of fans!

                                  "Princess of NFW" Title

3) Cheerleader Melissa defeated Cherry in 13:23 with the Kudome Driver. Cherry was actually very aggressive & cut Melissa wide open on the cage. Cherry controlled most of the match & was not cut open but when she attempted the Fantasy Illusion, Melissa blocked it & hit the Kudome Driver for the win & retained her "Princess of NFW" title...despite looking the worst of the two wrestlers.

4) Hiroyo Matsumoto/Misaki Ohata defeated Hikaru Shida/Yoko Bito in 19:24 when Matsumoto pinned Bito with the Backdrop Driver. Brutal match with all four wrestlers cut open. Hiroyo Matsumoto was like a woman possessed...tearing into Hikaru Shida for the betrayal by Shida last week...and Shida was busted wide open early. 3S were the dominant team, really laying into Shida & Bito but Shida/Bito had their moments. However, in the end, Matsumoto & Ohata emerged the delight of the crowd, who voiced their displeasure at Shida for her heel turn.

                 NFW Tag Team Championship - Barbed Wire, Electrified Steel Cage

5) Io Shirai/Mio Shirai defeated Apple Miyuki/Bambi in 20:29 when Mio Shirai hit the Flying Inside Cradle on Bambi. The Shirai sisters regain the NFW Tag Team titles in the process. The match was the bloodiest & most violent of all the matches on the card, as both teams beat each other's bodies to bloody hell. In the end, the Shirai sisters proved their guarantee of regaining "their" titles to be correct & that they are the baddest & toughest of all tag teams!

                                  UJWF "Grudge in a Cage"

6) Ayumi Kurihara (UJWF) defeated Tomoka Nagakawa (UJWF) in 22:13 with a Modified Uranage! These two arch-rivals brought their intense feud to NFW...and did it ever live up to the hype. The crowd fed the energy of this match & it was as intense and brutal as any match of the night. Both wrestlers bled...especially, Ayumi...and you could feel the hatred between the two, as they battered each other around the cage. The match was very even, with both trading advantages throughout, but Ayumi was able to hit her finisher on Tomoka & get the victory. Even bloody, Ayumi basked in the glow of her victory, while Tomoka swore UJWF!

MEGUMI KUDO - "Evil Princess" & "Extreme Queen"

KANA - "Joshi Queen of STIFFNESS"

MANAMI TOYOTA - "The Legend"

TRIPLE TAILS - "Joshi's version of the Triple Threat"