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Official World of Joshi Rosters & Rules
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Sunday - New Frontier Wrestling
Monday - Unified Joshi Wrestling Federation
Wednesday - Galaxy
Friday - Women of Japan Pro-Wrestling

(updated 5/21/11)

Unified Joshi Wrestling Federation
1. Ayumi Kurihara
2. DASH Chisako
3. Sendai Sachiko
4. Tomoka Nakagawa
5. Daizee Haze (gaijin)
6. Natsuki*Taiyo
7. Mayumi Ozaki
8. LuFisto (gaijin)
9. Chii Tomiya
10. Meiko Satomura
11. Daffney (gaijin)
12. Yoshiko Tamura
14. Carlos Amano
15. Aoi Kizuki
16. Yumiko Hotta
17. Amazing Kong (gaijin)
18. Tsubasa Kuragaki
19. Aya Yuki
20. Dynamite Kansai
21. Riho
22. Arisa Nakajima
non-wrestling talent: Ayumi Kurihara (public relations), Kyoko Inoue (head booker), Meiko Satomura (road agent), Kaoru Ito (road agent), Yoshiko Tamura (backstage manager)

1. Kana
2. Shuri
3. Sara Del Rey (gaijin)
4. Makoto
5. Ray/Lin Byron
6. Nanae Takahashi
7. Madison Eagles (gaijin)
8. Kyoko Kimura
9. Mika Nishio
10. Takako Inoue
11. Basara
12. Mika Nagano
13. Toshie Uematsu
14. Sawako Shimotsuke
15. Christina Von Eerie (gaijin)
16. Emi Fujino
17. Nao Komatsu
18. Yuzuki Aikawa
19. Rena Kubota
20. Hisae Watanabe
21. Yumi Ohka
22. Hiren
non-wrestling talent: Chiharu Ono (ring announcer), Genki Sudo (TV announcer/Spokesperson), Momoe Oe (TV announcer), Seiko Nagashima (Trainer/Scout/Spokesperson), Daichi Murayama (referee)

New Frontier Wrestling
1. Io Shirai
2. Mio Shirai
3. Hiroyo Matsumoto
4. Ayako Hamada
5. Hikaru Shida
6. Cheerleader Melissa (gaijin)
7. Manami Toyota
8. Haruka Matsuo
9. Apple Miyuki
10. Shu Shibutani
11. Miyako Matsumoto
12. Mima Shimoda
13. Bambi
14. Sarah Stock (gaijin)
15. Yoko Bito
16. Maki Narumiya
17. GAMI
18. Malia Hosaka (gaijin)
19. Haruna Akagi
20. Aika Ando
21. Cherry
22. Misaki Ohata
non-wrestling talent: Megumi Kudo (TV analyst), Joey Styles (TV Announcer), SUNAHO (ring announcer), Atsushi Onita (head booker)

Women of Japan Pro-Wrestling
1. Azumi Hyuga
2. Kaori Yoneyama
3. Aja Kong
4. Emi Sakura
5. Pinky Mayuka
8. Ran YuYu
9. Chikayo Nagashima
10. Sonoko Kato
11. Ryo Mizunami
12. Kagetsu
13. Command Bolshoi
14. Megumi Yabushita
15. Tsukushi
16. Ayako Sato
17. MsChif (gaijin)
18. Tomoko Morii
19. Kayoko Haruyama
20. Sachie Abe
21. Tsukasa Fujimoto
22. Hikari Minami
non-wrestling talent: Nikkysan (founder)
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Re: Official World of Joshi Rosters & Rules Thread
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Individual Promotion Rosters are made up of 18-22 contracted wrestlers with a contracted gaijin limit of 4, exceptions will be considered.  Rosters will originally be determined by a serpentine draft. 18 wrestlers is the minimum limit, 22 is the maximum.

Non-contracted active wrestlers will go in the Free Agent Pool. Free Agents will also serve as freelancers.

Promotions can use up to 5 free agents (freelancers) per show.  However, free agents can only appear on one promotions show per week.  A free agent can ONLY be used by a promotion once per month. Exceptions will be considered.  Promoters may make free agent requests starting at the beginning of each month. A promoter can request a free agents usage for any week that month. Promoters will take turns on making free agent requests to give everyone a fair shot. The promoter that makes a request will then go to the back of the line in request order.  Note: Free Agents should not be used primarily as “jobbers.” Promoters should respect all talent and maintain a level of believability when running their promotions.

Promoters are allowed to “lend” talent to another promotion.  The only limit on this is that a contracted wrestler can only work a maximum of two shows per week (one of which would have to be for their own promotion, and then one on loan to another promotion, and please make sure that those two events do not occur on same day) Promoters are expected to respect another promotion’s roster so please make sure that in these situations, usage of one promoter’s talent is understood beforehand. The politics of pro wrestling come in to play here.

Our rosters should somewhat resemble the current joshi scene. Active wrestlers should be available and we will decide as a committee if non-active or retired wrestlers will be available for our usage. To be determined on a wrestler by wrestler basis.  When a joshi star retires in “real life” we as a committee must decide if that same wrestler is retired in our universe.  When a new joshi is introduced or debuts in “real life,” we will also introduce her in to our free agent pool.

Each promoter is allowed to make a maximum of 2 “drop/add” transfers at the start of each month.  That means a promoter can drop one of their contracted wrestlers in to the free agent pool and sign an available free agent to take their spot on the promotions active contracted roster list.  Drop/Add will also be done one at a time, similar to the draft order and FA request list. The last promoter to make a drop/add will then go to the back of the line.

Promoters can also choose to “trade talent” as long as the trade does not break any other roster rules or maximum roster limits.  However the trade must be approved by majority of all promoters to be valid and keeps everything fair. Trades should not be commonplace and we should limit trade activity after the promotions have started holding shows.

Non-competing talent such as valets, managers, announcers, referees, etc will be determined by the committee of promoters as a group. If you wish to include these on your shows, just make sure it is okay with the other promoters.

Hopefully new promoters will join up and form new promotions. In the event that this occurs, the new promotion can choose their roster from the available free agent pool as well as unprotected wrestlers from existing promotions.  When a new promoter joins, each promotion will choose two wrestlers off their roster of their own choice to leave “unprotected” and available to the new upstart promotion to draft.  However, the new promoter can only choose one unprotected wrestler from each promotion, so the most an established promoter would lose is one fighter of their choosing. That promotion can then fill in their empty roster spot with an available free agent after the new promoter has finalized his/her roster.


Promoters are expected to hold one event per week and post about that show.  The method for posting results of a show can be determined by the individual promoter as everyone has their preferences on how to tell the story of their promotion.  Promoters should at least include the date and venue of each show as well as official results. Everything else is optional including play by play, promos, role-plays, pictures, etc. Promoters are encouraged to be as creative as they would like.

Promoters are free to name their promotions, create logos, titles, factions, etc. just as a promotion would in real world of wrestling.  We do wish to build a realistic universe though, so please refrain from going too overboard.  Promoters determine the style and theme of their promotion as well as match rules, etc.


A “Rules & Rosters” thread will be started and used that explains the rules as well as lists official promotion rosters and free agents as well as any titles that a promotion has. This will also serve as transaction thread where free agent requests are made, trades posted, drop/adds, etc. I will start a different thread specifically for the draft when we decide on a time for that.

An “Official Events” thread will be started by each promoter for each promotion. Here is where you post your shows. Each promotion will have it's own designated day to post results and showcase it's talent. The results posted on same day if we could, but whatever works best for everyone is fine by me. I think comments would be fine here as well for our “fans” to talk about the shows and give feedback. With 5 promotions, that is 5 weekdays showcasing the individual promotions. The remaiining two days of the week can be used to book and post smaller events, also called "House Shows."

A “News” thread will be started, aka THE SOURCE. Here is where you can post miscellaneous stuff promoting your shows and wrestlers. Be as creative as you like. Role-play and general discussion may be done here as well.

A "transaction" thread will be started each month where promoters can make their adds & drops and trade requests. Also new talent or retiring talent should be discussed and decided on here.

A "discussion" thread will remain open throughout to talk about our shared universe, discuss and make improvements and alterations to the format, or general b.s. and kayfabe breaking convo.
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