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« on: April 04, 2009, 10:05:26 AM »
credit to shupercousin for most of these questions

Why did u have 2 roster idea?
The idea for the two rosters came because by merging all the joshi feds together, it left me with somewhere in the 80 wrestler range. Having 80 wrestlers fight over 3 titles would mean that many people would not get any title chances, and many of them would go unused. By dividing them into two groups of about 40, it made it much more manageable for me to book matches, set up title opportunities, and have more wrestlers have more matches.

How did you decided on the current champs?
The current champs were decided randomly, as is many things with UJWF are. Matches, Results, and other things are decided mainly through dice rolls. Certain things will be predetermined, but for the most part it is random.

Do tag teams have to be on the same roster?
Yes. Any and all tag teams must be together on the same roster, despite the fact there is only one set of tag titles. This helps to promote competition between rosters, having teams from different rosters competing for the Tag titles.

But what about all those teams that were split up?
The rosters right now arenít permanent. There will be many times throughout where people are moved to other rosters, where they may team with old partners, start new rivalries, and compete for new titles.

Can team leaders write about the results like won with what move and such?
Yes. How I am going to run this is that two days before the actual day of the show (Saturdays for Fire, Wednesdays for Wind) I will post the card, at which time the team leaders may PM me suggestions on how they would like their wrestlers to win their matches, if they do. On the day of the show, a poll will be opened, which you can vote for who you want to win the matches, which will remain open for 2 days. After those two days, the polls will be closed, and the results of the matches posted.

Do all the teams need to be finalized by Wednesday?
On Wednesday April 8th, all teams must be finalized. After this, all the wrestlers not chosen will become free agents, at which point a team leader may elect to pick them up for their team. Also, you may trade wrestlers on your team with other teams. How this will work is, say for example team leader A has Yoshiko Tamura, and team leader B wants her. Team leader B will PM team leader A and say they would like to trade Azumi Hyuga for Yoshiko Tamura. Team leader A can accept this trade, or ask for more. When a consensus is arrived at, both team leaders will PM me, stating that they are trading Yoshiko Tamura for Azumi Hyuga, at which time I will make the necessary arrangements to have them change teams.

If I trade a wrestler, do I keep my points?
If you trade for a wrestler who has 5 points, and you give up one that only has 3, your point totals will remain the same. Once a wrestler is traded, they will begin with a clean slate in terms of points, which means that you will still only have 3 points, and the person you traded with will still have 5 points. This is to help promote trading, and you wonít have to worry about your points dropping when you do.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me at any time.

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