Author Topic: Posting this... because well Kori wrote some of it...  (Read 1099 times)

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Posting this... because well Kori wrote some of it...
« on: October 29, 2007, 12:41:34 PM »
Yeah so I run a angle efed that's been around since late 2005. (ran a few before that, and been in quite a few dozen as well)

anyways thought I would post this here. For those currious Kori's stuff's the Keystone.

no brand Wrestling Presents
Full Effect 47: Unleashed Battleground!

October 21st, 2007
no brand Wrestling's Fourty Seventh edition of Full Effect has finally been set into motion after numerous drawbacks between HBO and nbW's own Board of Directors. With everything swinging back in full force, it's now time for High Flyer's personal gauntlet to begin.

IT was announced on Full Effect 46 that the World championship would be decided at Twilight. Xander Napoli has his sights set on making Shawn Jessica Hart his golden boy, while Amy Holloway insisted that High Flyer deserves the shot. Thus a Gauntlet has been put together involving a random lottery each week to determine Flyer's next opponent, meanwhile Hart will progress ahead with a free ride much to the dislike of Hollaway.

However Napoli added in a extra condition, and that being that if his opponent beats him in the Gauntlet match, then that person will finish the Gauntlet out themselves and face Hart at Twilight for the Championship. It all starts with Full Effect 47 which kicks off this trial for the lunatic. Who his first opponent will be, with the chance to derail any and all progress, will be decided as the show kick off by a lottery drawing.

In addition the night is also set to feature Max Hopper with his partner Zion against Team Viagra, yep Flyer's pulling double duty this night thanks to some string pulling from Xander Napoli. Also the seven foot three giant Spike Saunders has stepped forward to put an end to the destruction caused by Torment as of late. And there is even word that some old faces of nbW's past will be showing up with announcements of their own regarding their place within nbW and their return as well.

Source: Full Effect 47