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JFW - Roster & Wrestler Profiles
« on: June 02, 2010, 11:08:05 PM »
Full Roster (as of June 2, 2010):


From Left: Vamp; Rocky; Kinniku; ELPS; Cousin; BigMike; Nagashimark; Oni; Bitchmistress; Kapeng; LionessBull; Bill.Zero; Kori; MutaKushi; HEN; BusterWolf; J.H.; YoshiTonic; MaxPower; MizzTrezz; Mini Kinniku Mike; JoshInsanity; Stone Cold Amigo; Tack Angel; NikkySan; FLIK; SWIFT; Nightmare Amigo; Jimmy "Leatherface" Sawyer; Blizzard ELPS; Jimbo
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Re: JFW - Roster & Wrestler Profiles
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2010, 11:22:18 PM »
Wrestler Profile Update: June 2, 2010

Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): Vamp; BadTouch; Tammi Ventura
Location: Tulsa, OK
Finishers: Zappagatame; Voltaire Driver
Dislikes: Divas
Additional Info: Owns a maine-coon cat, loves Voltaire & Dweezil Zappa
Real Name: Zack
Alias(es): TyrannosaurusELPS; HybridDolphinELPS
Location: Little Rock, AK
Finishers: Diving Enzui Knee
Likes: PedoBears
Additional Info: Runs a forum for Cheerleader Melissa fans
Real Name: Jonathan
Alias(es): Rocky2010; Tom Kruz
Location: Toronto, Canada
Finishers: Canadian Armbreaker; Top Gun Driver
Likes: Pizza bagels
Additional Info: Apparently looks like Tom Cruise, and owned a kitty named Rocky
Real Name: Oliver
Alias(es): Nagashimark, Sauti
Location: Germany
Finishers: Half Nelson Suplex; Fisherman Buster, NIGGASHIMARK
Likes: Pretty much everybody
Additional Info: The youngest looking 40-year old on the planet
Real Name: Mike Cook
Alias(es): Mr. Kinniku Mike; Big Poppa Kinniku
Location: South Carolina
Finishers: SHUPER Kamikaze Bomb; Sonoko Kato Guillotine Driver I & II
Likes: Mid-age Asian booty
Additional Info: Accidentally thought Shuper/Bolshoi was a female and married "her"
Real Name: Mike
Alias(es): BigMikefromNY; MetroMikefromNY
Location: New York
Finishers: Laria-TO
Dislikes: Spoilers
Additional Info: Owns a cat name Jack whom he trains to attack on command
Real Name: Michael
Alias(es): Shupercousin; Bolshoi Cousin; Bullfight Cousin
Location: San Francisco, CA
Finishers: Lemonlight; SENSEI Hold III
Likes: Unicycles
Additional Info: Fan of Azumi Hyuga and dreams of napping on her knee pad
Real Name: Maria
Alias(es): Kapengmabula; Coffee
Location: Philippines
Finishers: KP H.I. Tigerbomb; Purple Thunder Driver
Likes: Akira Hokuto
Additional Info: Is sought after by the majority of the straight male contingent @
Real Name: Billy
Alias(es): OniSuiken; UltramanOni; Uncle Oni
Location: Ice Ribbon
Finishers: Riot Starter; Red Card
Dislikes: Shoveling snow
Likes: Jägermeisters
Additional Info: Used to wrestle IRL as Hank Hooligan
Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): BitchMistress; MHC; Home Wrekka
Location: Alabama
Finishers: H.B.I.C. (Desacrator); Tramp Stamp (Curb Stomp)
Dislikes: Societty
Likes: Hating
Additional Info: 6-time alias changing champion
Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): Mega Heel Demonica; LionessBull
Location: Tokyo Japan
Finishers: Sitout Powerbomb; Ligerbomb
Dislikes: Snobby people, divas, racism, grown men crying
Additional Info: Mega Heel has 2 valets - Nagashimark & Bolshoi Cousin
Real Name: Bill
Alias(es): pengin pengin
Location: Parts unknown
Finishers: The zero.tolerance; Bill's Poseidon
Fears: Teenage stalkers
Additional Info: Loves Japanese girls but never been with one :(
Real Name: Kori
Alias(es): Korizilla; BossLady
Location: LA, California
Finishers: Three Day Vacation
Weapon: Ban Stick & Mod Stick
Dislikes: Using the Mod Stick & Ban Stick
Likes: Mr. AKINO
Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): MutaKushi1301
Location: Parts Unknown
Finishers: KP Buster
Fan of: Akira Hokuto
Likes: Kapeng...maybe a little bit too much
Additional Info: Owner and booker for the Mutatron Wrestling Entertainment (MWE)
Real Name: Henry
Alias(es): El Cock de Leon; General HENkada; HEN
Location: The Dirty South
Finishers: The Lion Cock Driver; Vectorization
Loves: Vectors & Kori...but maybe not in that order
Additional Info: His one weakness is...women!
Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): BusterWolfXII; ThunderMage
Location: Parts Unknown
Finishers: Buster Buster
Likes: Tanny Mouse, for entertainment factor
Additional Info: Already posted a pic of himself in a mask so no need for shuper to create one
Real Name: James
Alias(es): J.H.
Location: Toledo, OH
Finishers: Rev. Tiger Bomb
Loves: Kaori Yoneyama
Hobby: Terrifying the youth
Additional Info: Likes to keep it simple, hence this simple profile
Real Name: Derrick
Alias(es): CodeGreen; YoshiTonic
Location: Parts Unknown
Finishers: The Disappearing Act
Loves: MisChif, Celion Dion & Sarcasm
Additional Info: Is self-proclaimed to be the gayest straight man
Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): MaxPower
Location: Parts Unknown
Finishers: PHP v. 6.0
Likes: Various anime
Additional Info: Handles all the background functioning of JoshiFans
Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): MizzTrezz; Ringmistress
Location: Parts Unknown
Finishers: DoubleMiz Takedown; Ringmistress’ Whip
Loves: Megumi Kudo, Azumi Hyuga
Additional Info: Youtube legend bringing joshi to the masses
Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): 1JoshI
Location: Parts Unknown
Finishers: Yakuza Kick, Ankle Lock, Scorpioin Deathlock
Likes: Hiren
Additional Info: Runs the Radio Free Hiren internet radio show, and went from ref to trivia champ in JFW.
Real Name: Michael
Alias(es): Mini Kinniku Mike; Mike Ishijima
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Finishers: Michelle Driver; Black Mariah
Additional Info: Lil’ bro of Mr. Kinniku Mike & Veteran and multiple champion in puroresu trivia on SSS.
Real Name: True Despair
Alias(es): JoshInsanity; The Bloody A
Location: The Sucky College on the West Side
Finishers: Rammer Jammer; Crimson Clutch
Likes: University of Alabama
Dislikes: Nearly everything else
Additional Info: Booker for Pro Wrestling NOVA.
Real Name: John
Alias(es): Stone Cold Amigo; Plain Ol' Johnny
Location: Arizona
Finishers: Forearm Choke; STO
Likes: Violent martial arts movies
Additional Info: Big name in SSS, and a master of Haiku. Never posts pictures of himself.
Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): Tack☆Angel
Location: Heaven, TX
Finishers: Angel Driver; Heaven Driver
Likes: Japanese tokusatsu, video games
Additional Info: Trivia legend from SSS.
Real Name: Nikky
Alias(es): Nikkysan
Location: Parts Unknown
Signature Moves: Missile Dropkick, Moonsault, Dragon Suplex Hold
Finishers: HEAVEN 2 HELL; Tombstone Piledriver on to a Steel Chair
Additional Info: Rarely seen without his trusty chair.
Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): FLIK
Location: Oakland, CA
Finishers: Flikdriver, Imploding Slingshot Fistdrop
Likes: Uploading rasslin’ vids
Additional Info: Constant guest on 1JoshI’s Free-Hiren Radio program.
Real Name: James
Alias(es): SWIFT
Location: Birmingham, AL
Finishers: Maria Ozawa Driver, Miko Lee Lock, Sora Aoi Lock
Dislikes: Cutting grass
Likes: Ramen, Rock Paper Scissors
Additional Info: Graduated from the Happosai School of Martial Arts and Panty Thievery 2009.
Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): Nightmare Amigo
Location: Your Nightmare
Finishers: The Nightmare (Michinoku Driver II); Springfield Slasher (Iron Claw)
Signature Moves: Straight Right Punch; Bulldogging Headlock; Diving Fist Drop; Jumping Piledriver; Running Elbow Smash
Others: Achilles Tendon Lock; Camel Clutch; Leaping Facecrusher; Fireball and/or Fork Attack; Jumping DDT; Moonsault Press; Snap Powerslam
Real Name: Unknown
Alias(es): Jimmy "Leatherface" Sawyer
Location: Parts Unknown
Finishers: Ghost Buster (Vertical Brainbuster); Texas Massacre (Cobra Clutch)
Signature Moves: Football Tackle; Tombstone Piledriver; Diving Elbow Drop; Slash Buster (Snap DDT); Lariat
Others: Argentine Backbreaker; Fork Stabbing; Double-Arm Suplex; Chainsaw Attack; Jumping Gourdbuster; Rolling Body Press; Powerbomb

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Re: JFW - Roster & Wrestler Profiles
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2010, 11:41:56 PM »
Tag Teams & Stables Update - June 2, 2010

Stables / Tag Teams:

Los Cachorros Miguelitos
Bolshoi Cousin, BigMike, Mr. Kinniku Mike

The Fabulous Five
Bolshoi Cousin, BigMike, ELPS, Rocky, Kinniku Mike

Bolshoi Cousin, Nagashimark

Bolshoi Cousin, Nagashimark, Mr. Kinniku Mike

Future Tag Team and Rivals
ELPS, Rocky

Team UJWF Management
Bolshoi Cousin, Rocky

Team Clear Heels
ELPS, Vamp

Team Mrs. NagaKinniku of the Week
Nagashimark, Mr. Kinniku Mike, Oni (Supporter)

Team Future Puroresu Stars of
LionessBull, Rocky, Vamp, ELPS

Mega Heel Demonica & Her Minions
Bolshoi Cousin, Nagashimark, LionessBull

The Foxxy Sixx
LionessBull, Bitchmistress, Kapeng, Vamp, Kori, MizzTrezz

Team Mod Stick
Oni, Kori

Team Onism
Kinniku Oni, Uncle Oni

Team Loli-Lovers

Kinniku Gurentai
Mr. Kinniku Mike, Kinniku Mike Ishijima

Hank Potenza's Big Bad Dojo
Hank Potenza, Poizen #1, Poizen #2

Thunder Queens
Kori, Vamp, Lioness Bull, Bolshoi Cousin, ELPS

Stone Cold Amigo, SWIFT

1JoshI, FLIK

Dianetic Dynasty
Tom Kruz, Travoltashimark
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Re: JFW - Roster & Wrestler Profiles
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2010, 11:26:59 PM »
Updated the profiles~ Check it out~

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