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Title: ``1``6``` `6``````
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``1``6``` ``6```"`|`(2018)"" (2018) 5`, 6`,`8`9`10`11``12``13`."
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`6`````````` ``1``6```.  .:
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``6``` ``6````"`|`(2018)"" (2018) 5`, 6`,`8`9`10`11``12``13`." ``6```` ``6````"`|`(2018)"" (2018) 5`, 6`,`8`9`10`11``12``13`." "``"```2018`` "``2018"```2018 ```1,2,3,4``2018``````2018
``1``6````` ``6```. `6```````tnt ``1``6```.
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Title: How to make a vibrator with your iphone How come my i can't get an orgasm
Post by: AntholRet on February 08, 2019, 08:37:17 PM
Oligomenorrhea and the rule
Oligomenorrhea consists of a decrease in the number of menses (with an interval greater than 34 days between one rule and the next) and / or a decrease in the amount of menstrual flow. Marta Meca, resident physician in the specialty of gynecology at the Hospital del Poniente (El Ejido, Almeria) clarifies that "oligomenorrhea is not a disease proper, since the cases occur in isolation, it is a variation of normality in the cycle of menstruation. "
Oligomenorrhea is the decrease in the number of menses
Because it is not a disease, we should not fall into the error of finding a cure at all costs, but rather understand what is the cause of its existence and cure it after the diagnosis. The decrease in flow or menstruation can be found in a high percentage of women constitutionally, without any specific clinical reason. On the other hand, there are minority cases in which the disorder of the rule can be caused by endocrine, gynecological or other indoles diagnoses that would already have another treatment and cure.
 How to know if we suffer oligomenorrhea  The symptoms that make us detect a disorder in menstruation or menstrual flow can be from the most irrelevant and unspecific to the most important forms from various diseases or irregularities in the menstruation. Marta Meca indicates that "one of the most common causes at the time of provoking an oligomenorrhea is the worry in those women who can not get pregnant, who have fragility in the bones, or because some cause is causing them some concern and they delay the rule. "
Oligomenorrhea is associated with stress
In some cases, it is directly related to stress and to certain types of pharmacological treatments such as the protagonists of causing oligomenorrhea. Its diagnosis and cure would be different in these cases, although they also need treatment by the gynecologist.
 Diagnosis and treatment of oligomenorrhea  The diagnosis of oligomenorrhea is made in the gynecology clinic where a series of tests and more in-depth analysis are carried out in those women who are truly concerned about this reason , which can lead to a disease of greater importance. After the history, a complete gynecological exploration is performed, from a transvaginal ultrasound to a specific hormonal analysis and / or a magnetic resonance or CT scan to rule out any other type of disease. With all this, we study the main reasons for these regularities in the menstrual flow and the menstrual flow.
The contraceptive pill prevents oligomenorrhea
The treatment consists mainly in finding out why it happens, in the event that it existed, the prescription of contraceptives that help to control the cycles of the rule could be of special utility and in this way, the woman will be able to know the regularity in her menstruation and feel more calm about it. The cure of irregularities in menstrual flow is simple, so do not hesitate to go to your gynecologist in case of doubt.

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